All That's Real

All That’s Real (2014)

Title : All That's Real
Release Date : August 18, 2014
Format : CD

  1. Rita Ballou 1:00
  2. The Road 1:00
  3. Truck Song 1:00
  4. Song For A Winter's Night 1:00
  5. Real Good Itch 1:00
  6. Ruby Louise 1:00
  7. One Of These Days 1:00
  8. My Home Ain't In The Hall Of Fame 1:00
  9. Head Full Of Nothin' 1:00
  10. On A Dream With You 1:00
  11. Goodbye To Old Missoula 1:00
  12. Bird On A Wire 1:00
  13. City Lights 1:00

Bill Hearne and Friends
Produced by Don Richmond and Bill Hearne.
Executive Producers: Dan and Diane Cunningham, Carl and Eileen Hearne,
and Don Richmond. Recorded, mixed and mastered by Don Richmond at Howlin’ Dog Recording in Alamosa, Colorado, with engineering assistance from Josh Stevens and Ben Sailors. Additional recording by Chris Gage, Moonhouse Studio, Austin, Texas (Jerry Jeff Walker); Russell Tanner, Cheatham Street Woodshed, San Marcos, Texas (Earl Poole Ball); Diamond Jim Studio (Jim Richmond), Gunther Flutney, Red Planet Studio, Dunedin, New Zealand (John Egenes).
Cover Photo by David Michael Kennedy.
Copyright 2014 Bill Hearne and Howlin’ Dog Records

Friends & Family:
Carmen Acciaioli, Earl Poole Ball, Jim Bradley, Margaret Burke, Brett Davis, James Doyle, John Egenes, Bob Goldstein, Bonnie Hearne, Michael Hearne, Wendell Hearne, Robin James, Don Richmond, Jim Richmond, Dave Toland, Jerry Jeff Walker, Zeke Severson, Jimmy Stadler