Live at Society Hall

Title : Live at Society Hall
Format : CD

“Bill Hearne – Live at Society Hall came about as spur-of-the-moment inspiration while Bill and I were driving down I-25 on a brief tour of Colorado. I told Bill about the new recording capability at the Hall, and he loved the idea of capturing the evening to share with you all. Bill selected some of his and your (we hope) favorite old chestnuts, songs that hadn’t been recorded in many years, as well as a few newer tunes. There was a great crowd and a lot of energy in the room, and we love the way it all came out. We also invited full-time Bill Hearne Trio member David Thom to send us a few tracks so he could join in virtually. We all hope you enjoy the journey! – Don Richmond

Zeke Severson – string bass, vocals
Don Richmond – mandolin, fiddle, banjo, pedal steel guitar, accordion, vocals
David Thom – mandolin on West Texas Wind, Rose of San Joaquin and Western Skies, tenor vocals on Rose of San Joaquin and Western Skies