Bill’s Update

Tonight—La Fiesta Lounge @ La Fonda, 6/8, SOLO
Mon/Tue—La Fiesta Lounge @ La Fonda, 7:30/10:45, trio format both nights this week, Zeke and David Thom
Hi! Folks, Best to all and hope all is well. Good thoughts and love to the family of my long time buddy Auge Hays. Auge passed last Monday. Auge was a fabulous person and my pedal steel guitarist in my Roadhouse Revue , for several years. Honored to be asked to perform at his celebration of life next Sat along with the Buckarettes, who he also worked with for many years. That’s it for this week, attending several musical events this week with my best bud and personal assistant Melanie Mathews, including a fine songwriter, Sean McDonnell at Gig Performance Space this coming Wed. Written songs for major artists. BTW, the Dar Williams show last week was great. Thank you Jamie with AMP concerts. Gotta run, time for NFL playoffs.
Sincerely, Bill BOOKING: 505-690-2514
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Bill’s Update

Tue-La Fiesta Lounge @ La Fonda Hotel, Santa Fe, 7:30/10:45PM, trio

Fri-Second Street Brewery (original), Santa Fe, 6/9PM, trio W/ special guest Bob Goldstein,

Sat–Cowgirl BBQ, Santa Fe, 1/4PM, duo,

Sun-La Fiesta Lounge @ La Fonda Hotel, Santa Fe, 6/8PM, SOLO

Howdy Friends
Getting late, so keep it short this week. Had a great five days off last week, listening to lots of live music. The highlight was Fri night, with friends, Jim and Brenda, listening to the a long time Santa Fe band, The Jakes. My friend and guitarist and vocalist, Gary Gorence, invited, me and I was not disappointed. Great covers, as in, Eagles, Byrds, Jackson Browne, Tom Petty, Chicago blues, etc. I was so impressed, I got in touch with La Fonda, and they are booking them in Apr.
My buddy, who I hadn’t seen in many, Dana Cooper, was also here, along with local Stephanie Hatfield, did a wonderful show last night at Tumbleroot for the SF Animal L Shelter. Is doing a house concert this Thu, hope to attend, after going to hear Dar Williams, with my bud Melanie Matthews on Wed. Very curious about her, we’ll see. Half Broke Horses, coming up at La Fiesta, this Wed/Thu, hope to catch them as well.
Surgery for back, still on the table, having to replace original physician with new neurologist, due to family emergency. I proud to say I have lost 25Lbs or a little more, since, I started down the trail to improve my health on Wed Sept 4th, riding to Taos, for Michael Hearne’s Barn Dance Weekend W/my buddy Melanie Matthews, my personal assistance, who has really kicked my butt about eating right, and disciplined eating habits. It certainly won’t hurt my back.
It’s 1:08A, so better head to bed. Hope everyone has had a good start to the new decade, Benn good so far for me. Hoped to see a lot of you folks out this week, tomorrow, is the only dance show, so you good dancers, come on out to La Fonda, tonight. Stay well, and happy, best to all.

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Bill Hearne Trio

Contrary to the Santa Fe Reporter, the Bill Hearne trio will not be playing Sunday night at the La Fiesta lounge at the La Fonda Hotel. Sorry for any inconvenience. I’ll see you on Monday, Tuesday as usual.
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Bill’s Update

Taking the rest of this week off, but if in Santa Fe, I highly recommend you check out the following music this weekend. I will be for sure.

Fri/Sat 1/3/4-The Tom Williams Band (traditional honky-tonk country), La Fiesta Lounge at La Fonda Hotel, 8/11PM. Proudly keeping REAL Texas dance hall country music alive. Think, Ray Price, Merle Haggard, George Jones, Mel Tillis, George Strait. Great two-steppin music.

Sat 1/4-Mystic Lizard, Second Street Brewery At Second St, Santa Fe, 6/9PM, new and traditional Bluegrass music, with my former, and still sometimes, guitarist Bob Goldstein, and my bassist Zeke Severson, along with their ABQ buddies Ben Perea, Bob Gray. Great three part harmonies, and outstanding pickin’.

Mon/Tue 1/6/7-I’ll be back at La Fiesta, at La Fonda Hotel, 7:30/10:45PM

Howdy! Folks,
Happy new year to al, and thanks to all who help the Bill Hearne Trio, bring in a new decade. Great time at the La Fiesta. Most likely, my last New Year’s Eve, for several years. 2019, was a great year, thanks to many, many wonderful folks, who have enriched my life so much. Beginning with the release of New Mexico Rain, Story of Bill And Bonnie Hearne, two fun tours in Texas, spring and fall, with my buddy Melanie Marione Matthews, who gave immeasurable assistance , and support, performing at the Lensic Performing Arts Ctr., here in Santa Fe, with nephew Michal Hearne, recording a new live CD with Don Richmond, of the Rifters, and my music producer, honoring Bonnie and I at the Kerrville Folk Festival W/screening of NM Rain, and concert, again with Michael. I also managed to lose 25Lbs, as of last week, thanks to the love and encouragement of both Melanie, afore mentioned, and pal and nutritionist Nina Rebstock, and of course, my ‘Sister In Spirit” Becky Crutchfield. Although I have many “Hearnettes”, and love them, these three, they’re pretty special ladies. The hearnettes, are growing, running out of room on one of my dining room walls, for their pictures with me. Several more to go, if I can just round them up for photo opp. We’ll get it done, and hopefully, if all goes well, have a party for all of them in the next couple of months. They all, mean so much to me, and also, many of them loved Bonnie dearly, and passed that love to me, very grateful. I’ve also received tremendous support from some of my male pals, and so appreciate there help, this last year. Tom Rebstock, Jim Robillard, Gene Harrell, Allen Thompson, Allen Shoulders Brett Davis, David Thom, Dave Toland, Zeke Severson, to name a few.
As some of you know, I’ve been dealing with spinal stenosis for several months. Shots have failed, and PT gives some minor relief, but does not fix the problem. I’m having to sit, while performing, and it’s certainly not what I care for. On Feb 25, as of now, I’ll be having a surgical procedure to relieve these issues. I will miss approx., three to four weeks at the La Fiesta, and postponing some other venues. Spoke with other folk, who dealt with this issue, and they all felt surgery was the right way to go, so coming there. I’ll keep you posted, and appreciate good thoughts on this. Relief will sure be appreciated, very uncomfortable. Having the procedure, done here at Christus St Vincent Hospital, here in Santa Fe. I’ll keep you informed on progress, but in the meantime, keepin on keepin on. Got to go, bedtime, even for me. Again, no words are adequate to express my thanks to all, for the great 2019. Let’s “keep’er steady, as Chuck Pyle said, for 2020. Best to all.

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PS: Looking for house concerts, love them.

Bill’s Update

Sun-La Fiesta Lounge, La Fonda Hotel, 6/8PM, SOL

Mon/Tue (New Year’s Eve), La Fiesta Lounge, La Fonda, 8:30/midnight, trio on New Year’s Eve

Howdy! Folks,
Sorry for being a little late again. Too many Christmas parties, this week. I hope your Christmas, or whatever holiday, if any, you celebrate was great. My Christmas Eve, was a very special one, celebrated with my dearest friend, and “Sister In Spirit”, Becky Crutchfield. A wonderful dinner, and more importantly, wonderful folks. Becky and her family go back with Bonnie and I, over 30 plus years. Her beautiful and talented daughter, Francesca, came from Boston, and prepared a fabulous mole sauce for the baked chicken. I picked a few tunes, mostly from Becky’s favorites list, and the evening was complete. I’m wrapping up Christmas with this letter, very quiet and peaceful day, getting a photo for my Hearnette wall of fame, Francesca is an honorary Hearnette, and her photo will go up tomorrow. I It’s almost complete, although it seems to escalate weekly. Melanie and I may have to move our Hearnette party out of her house, but I think we’ll be OK. She’s hopefully hosting a party for them all, next month. Sadly, Francesca is 2000mil away.
Tomorrow, 12/26, marks the second anniversary of the passing of my wife, and musical partner of 47 years, Bonnie Hearne. Most of you knew Bonnie, and I certainly miss her very much, but as many of you know, her passing was a blessing for her and for me. Hope to spend a little time at her site, in the next couple of days, hopefully tomorrow. I cannot put into words, my gratefulness to all, not just my Hearnenettes, who have given me so much love and support these two years. Although I could never give back as much support as I’ve received, I hope my music, has kept you entertained and kept you dancing. I plan on keeping the music coming in the new year, although it will possibly be interrupted for 3 weeks in February, for spinal stenosis surgery. Not before my birthday party and dance at the Dance Station, here in Santa Fe on Sat February 8th. Can’t miss my carrot cake and coconut cream pie, made by my Hearnette pal Mary Alden Allard. Hope the weather is good, she lives in Estancia, NM.
Hope many of you can make it down to La Fonda Hotel’s, La Fiesta Lounge, this Tuesday, New Year’s Eve celebration. We will be starting a little later, and running until just past midnight. 2020 will be starting my fourth decade at La Fonda. This will be our last New Year’s performance, for a while, unless days change. Hope I’m still rockin’ for 2030. I might, if Hearnenette pals and one of my lights in my life, Melanie Matthews, and my buddy nutritionist Nina Rebstock, keep ridin’ herd on me, and help me manage my health and wellbeing. They are both a blessing in my life, for sure. Melanie has become quite the road warrior, making several shows, and a couple of Texas tours, helping me with logistics and CD’ sales, taking care of my guitar, etc. Great fun, for us both. So, hope to be around pickin’ a good while.
Got to go for now, once again, thanks so much to all, for your never ending love and continued support in 2019. Looking forward to 2020. Keep comin’ and I’ll keep the music comin’, and as Don Richmond, Teri McCartney and Shake Russell sing in their song, “Never Miss A Chance”, to shed a little light, share a little love, make a wrong right, etc.

Bill <> <>
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Got to go for now, once agin, thanks for a great year

Bill’s Update

Mon/Tue—La Fiesta Lounge, La Fonda Hotel, Santa Fe, 7:30p
Fri/Sat-Starlight Theater Lounge Terlingua, TX, near Big Bend Nat Park, 6/9p
Howdy! Folks, Hope everyone is having a great holiday season. Mine is going quite well, staying fairly busy. If you’re a Facebook friend, i p osted a lengthy note last night, do check it out. Wonderful night last sittin in with my nephew Michael and his trio SXSW in ABQ, at the High Desert Dancers Christmas Dance. Big thanks to my personal assistant, Melanie Mathews, and our buddy Sharon Jennings For getting me down and back, safely. Looking forward to traveling to zterlingua, a second time, and seeing family in Alpine TX, along the way. Hope to see you soon, and be safe, and have a great week. I’ll be back in SF next week, for La Fiesta, and to participate in my buddy Joe West’s Christmas Barn Dance show at Tumbleroot Brewing. Sat 12/21, $10 at the door.
Sincerely Bill BOOKING: 505-690-2514

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Bill’s Update

Sat—Second Street Brewery, At Second Street, Santa Fe, 6/9pm BTW: Thu— Half Broke Horses @ Tiny’s, Santa Fe, 6/9pm,
Sun— Sittin’ in W/Michael Hearne and SXSW W/Jimmy Stadler, High Desert Dancers Christmas Dance, 4909 Hawkins NE ABQ, NM, 6/9pm $15 at the door, info:
Thanks for two fun nights at the La Fonda.
Coming up on 12/13/14–Starlight Theater and restaurant, Terlingua, TX, 6/9pm, SOLO, but some folks dance anyway. Great escape from the mad world. Terlingua has no clocks. Very little cell reception. Starlight has great food as well. Stay well, hope to see you soon.
Sincerely Bill BOOKING:505-690-2514
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Bill’s Update

Mon/Tue-La Fiesta Lounge @La Fonda Hotel, Santa Fe, 7:30/10:45PM

Sat-Second Street Brewery @ Second Street, Santa Fe, 6/9PM

Sun-Sitting in at: High Desert Dancers, Christmas dance, W/Michael Hearne and SxSW, with special guest Jimmy Stadler, Albuquerque Square Dance Ctr. 4909 Hawkins NE, ABQ, NM. 6/9PM, info: <>

Howdy! Folks,
Another Thanksgiving, has come and gone, I hope it was a good one. My certainly was, with my dear friends Tom and Nina Rebstock, here in Santa Fe. Nina is an incredible cook, and also prepares a lot of my meals, for me. Went light on the goodies, small portions of sweet potato souffle, and cherry pie. Did sneak in a piece of pumpkin bread at Gig Performance Space, listening to my friend, and mind boggling jazz guitarist Bruce Dunlap. Otherwise straight and narrow on my weight loss program. These last few weeks of the year, are a tremendous challenge for me, with my love for good food, and especially deserts. I will prevail.
In addition to my regular residence nights at La Fonda, I’ll be doing my monthly visit to Second Street Brewery on Second Street. Always a nice evening there, hope you’ll stop by from micro-brew and good pub food.
For the first time in several years, I’m headin’ down to ABQ, for Michael Hearne’s and SxSW annual show for the High Desert Dancers, Christmas party. Huge dance floor, and they’ll be some refreshments as well. Don’t get much of a chance to pick with Michael, now that he lives in Austin. Jimmy Stadler, will be joining Michael. He is an honorary member of SXSW. I’ll do afew with Michael, and just enjoy and seeing a lot of friends and fans. Should be a great time.
Speaking of picking with Michael, Michael, Don Richmond, Zeke Severson, and myself, will be doing a full show together in La Veta CO, on Wed 12/18 at 7PM. The venue is La Veta Mercantile, right on main St in La Veta. It is becoming a great music venue, for both listening and dancing. Wish we could have done it on a weekend, but couldn’t make it work for us all. You could folks in northern New Mexico, and southern CO, come join us for a good pre-Christmas dance and concert. We have no idea, what’s going to happen, but it will be fun. Cross you fingers for good weather.
I’ll close for now, but come see me soon. Love to have you anytime. So much appreciate your support and friendship. Stay well, we need you out there in the audience, and on the door floor. And as Don Richmond, wife, Terri McCartney, and Shake Russell wrote and recorded on their respective albums, Don’s group is the Rifters: here’s the chorus
We never know, when our chances will run out. Life is short.

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