Howdy! Folks,
Happy turkey day to all. It’s time to be grateful, and this is one guy, who couldn’t be more thankful and grateful to all my many friends, and family, for their love and support, this year. It’s been a strange one, but we’re hangin’ in there. In this time, our families, including, extended, of which I have many, are most precious and important to me.
Normally, Melanie and I would be doing, my Live From My Living Room Facebook streaming tomorrow, 11/25, however, we’re going to have to move it down a week, this time. WE WILL BE MOVING OUR SHOW TO WED, DEC 2ND, WITH A ONE TIME, TIME CHANGE TO 7:30P MST, 8:30P CST. I know it will be a little late for some, but necessary for this time around. We’ll be back on regular schedule, 12/16/12/30, etc, going into 2021, at regular time slot, 6MST, 7CST. Please be safe, and thoughtful, as we all try to get through this virus thing, which I sadly, taking so long, and costing so much misery and loss.
BTW, don’t forget my new CD, A Very Short Time, on Howlin’ Dog Records, is available, as well as most of mine, and Bill & Bonnie CDs on my website, <> . My nephew, Michael Hearne, has a great new CD as well, Better Days, most appropriate title, available on <> .

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