Hi! Folks, Back from a great trip to Texas, and back home safe. Thanks to all who helped me make this trip possible and much easier. Gruene Hall, as always was a lot of fun, and playing with Jim Richmond, guitar, mandolin, was truly a joy. Next time, we’ll, have a more prep time. Seeing, my dear friend, Butch Hancock, at the music in the mansion concert, moved to the Kerrville Folk Festival site, was the other highlight of my trip. Seeing him and Adrienne and hanging out with them, backstage, was special. Been two years, since we last saw each other. Of course I have to mention my good friends Kent and Candy Black at Black’s BBQ. Unfortunately we were not able to play at their venues this time around, but I had a couple of great meals with them including one with my niece and Her husband and their son , my great great nephew, At the original Black’s in Lockhart Texas. Maybe by spring will be able to do live music there again. I will be doing my next live from my living room, Live facebook stream with Melanie, next Wednesday NOV 11, it’s the usual 6 MST, 7CST. Really looking forward to getting back to my Wednesday night shows. Will have some new songs including a couple bar just passed, Billy Joe Shaver and my dear friend Jerry Jeff Walker. Never knew Billy Joe , but were so pleased to have Jerry Jeff Singing on three different projects, one with Bonnie and I in 1997, and two of my solo albums. Hope you’ll join me and Melanie next Week. Please take care, and stay well.
Sincerely, Bill www.billhearne.com is bill@billhearne.com BOOKING: 505-690-2514 or email Follow on Bill Hearne Music on Facebook

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