Wed 8/5-Live From My Living Room, Facebook streaming, 6p MDT, 7p CDT. W/Melanie Marione Matthews co-hosting

Howdy! Folks,
Just a little note to say hello and wish all well. Hangin’ in these days, with new CD an almost done deal, graphics and photo and duplication, all that’s left to do. We have a title now, “a Very ShortTime”, taken from the song of the same name, written by my friend Keith Sykes. We now have it up for pre-order on both my website: <> , and <> . Don Richmond who produced this project, and I are very excited about it getting it out to all of you folks. We’re only initially duping 300 CD’s, so hope you’ll jump on board, and order now. Your order will certainly help with duplicating and such. This is more in the Americana, early folk era. Songs by Jerry Jeff Walker, he actually is joining me on one of his songs, Gordon Lightfoot, Townes Van Zandt, Rodney Crowell, etc. Another side and part of my music heritage. Michael Hearne, also joins me on some fine flatpickin’ and harmony vocals. Of course, Don, is all over the project with multiple instruments and vocals. My buddy and co-host for Facebook shows, Melanie Marione Matthews, joins me on harmony on an early Johnny Cash tune, “I Still Miss Someone”, and Dave Toland and Zeke Severson, join me on bass. Also, my mandolin and guitarist, David Thom contributes as well, on mandolin and vocals. Also my dear buddy and Hearnette Katy Brennan and another young lady, sadly, I did not get to meet, Rhonda Schoenecker, joined me on vocals, for a Gary Nicolson tune. I think you’ll enjoy this project. Lots of flatpicking from me, my guitar is prominently featured, for better or worse. Hope you like it.
Sadly, still no venues to perform in, other than my live streams on Facebook, W/ Melanie. We sure have fun doing these, although it would be much more fun, if I could do these shows in person, with my trio. It is what it is, so we’ll keep the music comin’, as long as you folks continue to support what we’re doing. Thanks to all who contributed and watched our show on 7/22. As mentioned, Melanie and I will see ya again on 8/5. Hard to believe July only has four days left. Just trying to keep’er steady, as the Late Chuck Pyle said, and keep busy, which is a challenge in these times. I am so fortunate all my fans, and dear Hearnettes, all eighteen, I believe, and friends, who give me energy and love to carry on.
Still hopeful to come do a short tour in Texas, in late October. I have Gruene Hall, tentatively booked for 10/24. Also a benefit concert for the Kerrville Folk Festival Foundation on 10/23, although that is very much in question. Hopeful for both Black’s BBQS is also a possibility, along with Poor David’s pub. Everything is very fluid at this point. We’ll let you know, as soon as possible, but may be some time yet. In the meantime, please stay healthy, and try to get our hearts in the right place. Love to all, and if you have a favorite tune, email me, and we’ll try to grab it on the next show. Melanie does a heckuva of a job, taking care of me on these shows, with comment responses and requests.

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