Wed 7/22-Bill Hearne Live from my living room, on Facebook. Both my personal and music pages, and Michael Hearne’s Big Barn Dance page as well. 6PM, MDT, 7PM, CDT

Howdy! Folks,
Another big thanks to all, who contributed and tuned in to, Bill Hearne Live On Facebook, last Wed. My heartfelt thanks to all. So great to hear from all my fans on Facebook. Of course, I love playing the tunes, but the fun part is have my co-host and dearest friend, Melanie Marione Matthews, read all the comments and good wishes to me after the show. We’ll, and I do mean “we’ll”, be doing #9, on Wed July 22nd, at the regular time, 6PM MDT, 7PM CDT. Melanie has become an important part of these get togethers, with all you folks, and part of the presentation. This last week, I think, was the best ever. She works me pretty hard, we did 3hrs, last time, but a lot of fun. She also works pretty herself, dealing with requests and responding to comments from many of you. As long you’re out there, I’ll be pickin’ for you. We’re headin, up to Alamosa, CO, to begin mixing and finalizing my new project, with my dear buddy and producer, engineer, musician extraordinary, Don Richmond, on Tue. Got some great tunes, and friends, and family, Michael Hearne,, Don of course, Zeke Severson, Dave Toland, my bassists, David Thom, mandolin and vocals, Melanie, vocal, and Katy Brennan, vocal. It’s been a lot of fun, recording this album. These shows are my lifeblood, and still after 4 months, our means of work, and looks like it will continue to be. We’ve had to take a step backwards, here in New Mexico. Melanie and I, will look forward to next time, on the 22nd, so mark it down, and join us. Please be safe, and stay healthy out there, we love you and need you. We’ll send you a reminder, next week, before the show.

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