Howdy! Folks! Thank you to all, who supported show number seven on live Facebook streaming last night from my living room. It was another fun enjoy his evening for Melanie and I, those of you who contributed I’m deeply appreciative. Dude to the governors announcement today in Santa Fe, no major changes or Coming regarding the pandemic situation. It is status quo for now.That being said I plan on continuing with live streamings as I have no other means of income right now, and no other way to reach my fans. Plus, I’m getting used to it and I truly enjoy it and Melanie certainly does a great job for me in handling the hard part. So I am planning my next show for you folks, on Wed, 7/8, At 6p MDT 7p CDT. Hope you’ll join us again, and I’ll keep the music and stories comin ‘ your way. Be safe and healthy, and live smartly.
Sincerely, Bill BOOKING: 505-690-2514 or my email, when we can
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