Howdy! Folks,
Just a heads up for my dear friends, The Rifters Facebook concert in Alamosa CO, tonight at 7P MDT. Go to the Rifters Facebook page. They’ll be streaming live at Don’s Howlin’ Dog recording studio, where they, myself, Michael Hearne, Shake Russell, and others, have recorded music for years. With no venues for live music open at this time, this will be a special treat, and many artists are turning to this format. You can request songs, comment, etc, this evening from 7/10PM. You can dance in your kitchen, if your phone or laptop is nearby. I’ll have my desktop ready to go as well as my iPhone 8. Almost made it person, with Michael Hearne, but erred on side of caution. It will be a great 3hr concert, just like they do in person. Hope you’ll join in. BTW, I’ll be working on doing my own show, right here at home, very soon. I’ll keep you posted. Be careful, and safe, but let’s keep things calm and in perspective. This will come to pass. As for me, and well, and hangin’ in there, y’all do the same.

Bill <> <>
BOOKING: when we can play out again, 505-690-2514 or email