Tonight/Tue-La Fiesta Lounge @ La Fonda Hotel, Santa Fe, 7:30/10:45, trio with Paul Pearcy on drums

Sun-Lost Compadre Records, 905 W Alameda, Santa Fe, 3:30/5:30, solo,

Howdy! Folks,
Hope all is well with all. Had a nice email lined out, and somehow, it vanished, can’t send to get back. Anyway, thanks to all who attended my show in Lamy, at the Chili Line, yesterday. Big thanks to Chris and Lisa Harrell, who run the venue, for their hospitality, sound system. Thanks to Mike Schor, for setting in as well. Although my back surgery, is not happening at this time, as planned, I WILL NOT BE PERFORMING AT THE LA FIESTA LOUNGE ON 3/9/10. Instead I will be taking the week off, for short vacation with my Hearnette buddy Becky Crutchfield, to Taos and Red River. Looking forward to hearing my good pals, the Rifters, this Sat night at the Dance Station, 7:30/10P. great listening and dancing, for sure. Haven’t heard them, you’re missing some great music.
Best of Bill & Bonnie, CD reissue, should be here soon. Will be available on <> . Having only 200 made, when they’re gone, that’s it. Originally a composite of several cassettes, from early 80’s, issued in 1993, by David Card and Poor David’s Pub. Of course, I’ll have them at my shows, as well.
Hope to see you soon, wash your HANDS OFTEN, and SHAKING hands as well. This virus stuff is for real, we need ya.

Bill <> <>
BOOKING; 505-690-2514

music. I’ll be there, as I am not playing this Sat, so join me.