Sun-La Fiesta Lounge, La Fonda Hotel, 6/8PM, SOL

Mon/Tue (New Year’s Eve), La Fiesta Lounge, La Fonda, 8:30/midnight, trio on New Year’s Eve

Howdy! Folks,
Sorry for being a little late again. Too many Christmas parties, this week. I hope your Christmas, or whatever holiday, if any, you celebrate was great. My Christmas Eve, was a very special one, celebrated with my dearest friend, and “Sister In Spirit”, Becky Crutchfield. A wonderful dinner, and more importantly, wonderful folks. Becky and her family go back with Bonnie and I, over 30 plus years. Her beautiful and talented daughter, Francesca, came from Boston, and prepared a fabulous mole sauce for the baked chicken. I picked a few tunes, mostly from Becky’s favorites list, and the evening was complete. I’m wrapping up Christmas with this letter, very quiet and peaceful day, getting a photo for my Hearnette wall of fame, Francesca is an honorary Hearnette, and her photo will go up tomorrow. I It’s almost complete, although it seems to escalate weekly. Melanie and I may have to move our Hearnette party out of her house, but I think we’ll be OK. She’s hopefully hosting a party for them all, next month. Sadly, Francesca is 2000mil away.
Tomorrow, 12/26, marks the second anniversary of the passing of my wife, and musical partner of 47 years, Bonnie Hearne. Most of you knew Bonnie, and I certainly miss her very much, but as many of you know, her passing was a blessing for her and for me. Hope to spend a little time at her site, in the next couple of days, hopefully tomorrow. I cannot put into words, my gratefulness to all, not just my Hearnenettes, who have given me so much love and support these two years. Although I could never give back as much support as I’ve received, I hope my music, has kept you entertained and kept you dancing. I plan on keeping the music coming in the new year, although it will possibly be interrupted for 3 weeks in February, for spinal stenosis surgery. Not before my birthday party and dance at the Dance Station, here in Santa Fe on Sat February 8th. Can’t miss my carrot cake and coconut cream pie, made by my Hearnette pal Mary Alden Allard. Hope the weather is good, she lives in Estancia, NM.
Hope many of you can make it down to La Fonda Hotel’s, La Fiesta Lounge, this Tuesday, New Year’s Eve celebration. We will be starting a little later, and running until just past midnight. 2020 will be starting my fourth decade at La Fonda. This will be our last New Year’s performance, for a while, unless days change. Hope I’m still rockin’ for 2030. I might, if Hearnenette pals and one of my lights in my life, Melanie Matthews, and my buddy nutritionist Nina Rebstock, keep ridin’ herd on me, and help me manage my health and wellbeing. They are both a blessing in my life, for sure. Melanie has become quite the road warrior, making several shows, and a couple of Texas tours, helping me with logistics and CD’ sales, taking care of my guitar, etc. Great fun, for us both. So, hope to be around pickin’ a good while.
Got to go for now, once again, thanks so much to all, for your never ending love and continued support in 2019. Looking forward to 2020. Keep comin’ and I’ll keep the music comin’, and as Don Richmond, Teri McCartney and Shake Russell sing in their song, “Never Miss A Chance”, to shed a little light, share a little love, make a wrong right, etc.

Bill <> <>
BOOKING: 505-690-2514 or my email.

Got to go for now, once agin, thanks for a great year