Tonight/Tue-La Fiesta Lounge at La Fonda Hotel, Santa Fe, 7:30/10:45PM

Sat-Cowgirl BBQ, Santa Fe, 1/4PM, duo W/Zeke

Sun-Beer Creek Brewery, far south Santa Fe, 4/7PM, duo W/Dave Toland

Howdy Folks!,
A big thanks to all, who came toTaos Mesa Brewing on a very clear and cold night. It was a wonderful evening, with some of Taos’s finest dancers, including, skip, Cisco, Cindi, Susan Dilger, and others. Love playing dances in Taos. We’ll be back at TMB in the spring. Also, great sound with Adrian, who also assists at Michael Hearne’s Big Barn Dance Festival.
Want to wish everyone on my list, a very happy Thanksgiving. I truly have many reasons to be grateful, the love and support of so many wonderful folks, right here in Santa Fe. I particularly want to mention a group of beautiful ladies, I jokingly call The Hearnettes. Some of them, in varying numbers, join me for New Mexico Rain, at the end of Michael Hearne’s Big Barn Dance Festal, during my show. It started at the first screening of New Mexico Rain, Story of Bill & Bonnie Hearne, and has sort of expanded. You are not required to sing, just be a part of my life, support what I’m doing. The ones, who choose not to sing, are honorary Hearnettes, although no less important to me. They include, my part-time personal assistant and health supervisor, as ell as exec secretary, a Massage therapist, church music director and friend for 35 years, a nutritionist, retired model, artist, writer, unfortunately she lives in NYC, grandmother, retiree from LANB, you get the picture. Many diverse and wonderful ladies, My life we would be much less without them. Can’t name names, but you know who you are, and how much you mean to me. Hope to have a little party for them all, after the first of the year. Well deserved for sure. Might even do some pickin’ and singin’ for them, a few tunes.
I am planning on back surgery on Feb 25, after my friend Robert Earle Keen, comes to Santa Fe at the Lensic Theater. Also, of course Lyle Lovett is also coming on Valentines Day, also to Lensic. His show is sold out, but thanks to him, he has allowed me to have 3 comps. He’s been a wonderful friend over these many years. . Sorry, the other two are spoken for, valentines, of course. Anyway, be so happy to see them both, as they both participated in mine and Bonnie’s Documenatry. Both should be fun. I am looking forward to getting this spinal stenosis, out of the way, just hang in there through the holidays. And other such things, as Hearnette party, etc. I’m doing OK, with cane in hand, but ain’t stopping my hands and vocal cords. I’ll make it. If you’ve seen some of my pics of me recently, I’ve dropped about 15 pounds, and going down. Two of the Hearnettes, are directly responsible, my buddy Nina Rebstock, nutritionist consultant, who is making me some incredible healthy meals, and Melanie Marione Matthews, who is relentless, in making sure I toe the line, with my diet. They’re touch customers, but it’s paying off big time, and I’m feeling much better. We get the spine thing fixed, and I’ll be rockin.
Couple of things to mention. First on Sun Dec 8th, Michael Hearne and SouthXSouth West, along with their buddy and mine, Jimmy Stadler, guesting, will be doing a show and dance at the Albuquerque Square Dance Ctr from 6/9PM. SxSW is Michael Hearne’s former band, which gets together for reunions several times a year for special things, such as Michael’s Big Barn Dance. This is a dance, open to public, sponsored by some of the former High Desert Dancers, who hire them twice a year to play. For info contact Jim Calvert at: <> , $15 bucks,
At door, but best to get a ticket. It’s a great evening, and I’ll be there as well to pick a few with my nephew.
Also, on Wed Dec 18th, Michael, myself, Don Richmond, The Rifters fame, with Zeke on bass, will be doing a very special show/dance, featuring all of us, In La Veta , CO. Aside from the ABQ, and La veta dates, Michael and I, will most likely, not have a chance to pick much together, until his festival. You folks in northern NM and southern CO, join this truly “family”, we’ve known each other for years, for a fun evening at La Veta Mercantile. It will be special. Call, Le Veta Mercantile, for info.
I gotta run, for now, it’s 1:30A, so I’ll sign off for now. Be well, and again, happy Thanksgiving, and you can be sure, I’ll have my piece of pumpkin pie on Thur, it is Thanksgiving. Love you all.

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