Mon/Tue—La Fiesta Lounge at La Fonda Hotel, Santa Fe, 7:30/10:45P

Sat—Original Second Street Brewery At Second Street, Santa Fe, 6/9p

Sun—La Fiesta Lounge at La Fonda, Santa Fe, SOLO, 6/8ishPM

Howdy! Folks,
Just got back a few hours ago, from my fall Texas run. It was fabulous, and I want to thank all of you who showed up for the shows we did. As usual, I saw many friends, and family, including my 5 month old, great great Nephew, Mathew. Hadn’t seen him since, his birth on May 31st. The weather was mostly beautiful, my Melanie Matthews, and I had wonderful second week down there, staying with our friends, Kent and Candy Black. Had some days, off and caught some fabulous music, including my favorite band, at the Continental Club, in Austin, Heybale. Also, caught the Guy Clark birthday celebration, by his buddies Verlon Thompson and Shawn Camp, at the Cactus Café, at UT Austin campus. Incredible show. We had many wonderful; meals, including two vegetarian restaurants. You know, it’s OK, it really is. As usual, Gruene Hall, was the highlight, great crowd, and great sound. Black’s BBQ, San Marcos, and New Braunfels, is always fun. Big shout out to Kent and Candy Black for housing Melanie and I, and to my niece, Sarah and her husband Matt, for taking good care of me, during the first week. Was great to also hang out with the great Earle Pool Ball, from Heybale, and Johnny Cash, in years past. Wonderful visit with him, after the Heybale show, last Sun. Dear sweet man, and still a fine musician.
For you Rifters fans, They’ll be playing this Fri night at Martina’s Hall in Taos, NM, from 7/10. All their portion of the gate will be donated by them to our mutual friend, known as Gypsy, sound tech extraordinary, for Michael Hearne’s Barn Dance Music Festival, and also the Rifters shows at Martina’s. Gypsy, has incurred some major medical issues, and needs our support. BTW, I’m looking for SAFE transportation up and back, as I would like to donate and support this cause. I any of my fans plan to go, and are willing to have some dead weight, can’t drive, we would be most appreciated. Please at info below, if interested. Gotta go for now, starting to make typos, so time to call it a night. A long day back from Austin, but all very good. I’m already beginning to plan our next trip down that way, in the spring. Take care, and know how much you folks are appreciated by me. See you soon.

Bill <> <>
BOOKING: 505-690-2514 or by my email above.