Fri—10/18—Range Café, Bernalillo, NM, 7/9PM

Sat 10/19—Second Street Brewery, Santa Fe, 6/9 (new time)

Sun—La Fiesta Lounge, La Fonda Hotel, 6/8ish, SOLO

Mon/Tue—La Fiesta Lounge, at La Fonda Hotel, 7:30

Howdy! Folks,
Just finished a beautiful evening with some of my most dearest friends, including my personal assistant, and best bud, Melanie Marione Matthews, and my head chef Nina Rebstock, husband Tom and, Brenda and Jim Robillard. Shared a meal, and good time, at a wonderful new interior Mexico restaurant called, Fiesta Oaxaca, here in Santa Fe. These five folks, have given me so much love, and kindness over the last couple of years, I had to do something to return that love. No man, could be more grateful to each one of them. Sadly, my buddy Becky Crutchfield, another angel, could not be there.
Got three shows this weekend, looking forward to all of them. Fri, The Range Cafe, in Bernalillo, is a great venue, with outstanding southwest cuisine. Come on down, and join me for two hours, early evening, for good food, and my Bill Hearne Trio. Sat, I’ll be back for my monthly visit to Second Street Brewery at Second Street, here in old Santa Fe, great pub food, and micro-brews. Sun is my
Monthly SOLO show at the La Fiesta Lounge at the La Fonda Hotel. We keep it fairly mellow, but nothing stopping you from dancing, if you wish. I try to do some things, I don’t do with my duo or trio formats. Next Mon/Tue I’ll be doing my final two show at La Fiesta, before taking off for my fall Texas tour, which starts on Fri Oct 25. It is a private house concert, in Austin. Please go to , <> , for the rest of my dates in Texas. I’ll have my new album, Live At Society Hall with me, along with all my other Bill and Bill & Bonnie CD’s. Be back at La Fiesta on 11/11
My spinal stenosis, Is still very prevalent, dealing with it, best I can. Ain’t stopped my heart, hands, or mouth, gonna keep on keepin on. PT, is helping, and exercising, as much as possible. Even tried a dance last Sat at my buddies, The Rifters, dance, here in Santa Fe. Thanks to Melanie, a fabulous dancer, I made it through.
Losing weight, and dropped a size in my jeans, again thanks to Melanie, and my nutritionist bud, Nina Rebstock, If you haven’t seen me in a while, I’m about 10lbs lighter. I plan on being 180lbs, at next year’s Michael Hearne’s Big Barn Dance Music Festival in Sep. It’s gonna happen, I promise.
Gotta go for now, my sincere thanks to all, for your continued love and support of me, and my music. It’s why I play, and it’s what I do, and will continue to do, for as long as I can. One more thing, spent a wonderful evening with sister in spirit, Becky Crutchfield, watching, the Ken Burns documentary about country music. It’s fabulous, and if you love, folk and country music, a must see.

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