Howdy! Folks,
Sorry to bother you folks again, I left out, one very important shout last night, regarding Michael Hearne’s Big Barn Dance Music Festival. A big hug and kiss, goes out my dearest of friends, Mary Alden Allard. Although not able to attend the entire event, she made her way up Friday, to deliver both Michael And I, our favorite pie, a beautiful coconut cream pie. It’s become a ritual for her, and sure appreciate her efforts, at every MHBBDW. I love her dearly, we don’t get to spend much time together, as she lives in Estancia, NM. I’ll be looking forward to her next visit, which sadly, may be February 8th. I just found out last night, that we will be doing my birthday dance and birthday party, at the Dance Station, again this next year. Hope still around and upright, and spinal stenosis, is eliminated by then. If so, I’ll be one year shy of six dozen years, 71. In addition to the coconut pie, I’ll have my favorite cake, carrot, made by my sister in spirit, Becky Crutchfield. Long way off, but hope a lot of you local folks can join me that night. Thanks again, for your support, gotta head on down the road for now. Love to all.

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