Sat 9/21-Occasional Concerts, Corrales Community Center, Corrales NM, 7PM

Mon/Tue-La Fiesta Lounge @ La Fonda Hotel, 7:30

Howdy! Folks,
Sorry, to say, I haven’t been on top of things, as I should be, with my emails. I’m dealing with Spinal Stenosis, and folks, it ain’t much fun. We’re carrying onward, with injections and PT. I will prevail, and beat this stuff. Please take care of your back, I haven’t, and paying for it now. This is the primary reason, I have not been in touch, as much as I would have liked. Hope all of you, are doing well, listening to music. It’s great therapy.
The 17th annual Michael Hearne Big Barn Dance Music Festival, was another sell-out and an outstanding event. The weather was great, and the fans were very respectful and appreciate. Some of my favorite performances were, in no particular order were: Daryl Scott, Lost Austin Band, they killed Friday night, Gary P Nunn, and of course the SXSW reunion, as always. This is not to slight, any of the other great acts, that were there. Also, Michael ran the documentary , New Mexico Rain, the story of Bill & Bonnie Hearne, on Saturday morning, prior to my Bill Hearne and friends & family set. I feel, it was one, if not , the best sets we’ve had in all the years. My time at the MHBBDW, was made much easier, and enjoyable, by one of my dearest and closet friends, and a member of the Hearnettes, Melanie Matthews. Her love and support, not just at the festival, but ongoing, has been immeasurable, since her return to Santa Fe, this year. I call her personal assistant on the new CD, but most of all, a wonderful human being. Sadly, my other dear buddy and “Sister In Spirit, Becky Crutchfield, was not able to attend this year, but will plan on both of them, being there next year. They’re the best friends this ole 70 year old guitar picker could ever ask for. I guess Melanie and I made Facebook, as I was trying to dance on Sat. I did not do her justice, but was fun anyway trying. I’ll be better, when we get this back thing straightened out. Looking forward to the 18th, get your tickets, all three tickets were gon by around first of August this year.
I just returned this Sunday from OKC, where I performed and screened New Mexico Rain, with producer Bunee Tomlinson, at the great music hall, known as The Blue Door. Thanks to my good buddy Greg Johnson, great supporter of music, for making it wok for us. Great and enthusiastic turnout, CD response
The new live CD, Bill Hearne Live At Society Hall, is out and running. Don Richmond, my dear compadre, and I, along with Zeke Severson, and David Thom, via internet, recorded a wonderful evening in Alamosa, CO, of favorites, and new material,. It’s got a wonderful feel, and were excited about it. Thanks to all of you who bought, both the live album, and all the other Bill Hearne and Bill & bonnie CDS, at the Barn Dance. We had a great response. My friend and picker, David Thom, just got it up today on the website: <> . You can order it, and all others, via PayPal, or check. New versions of Navajo Rug, West Texas Wind, Love Reunited, etc.
Looking forward to playing this coming Saturday, at the Corrales, NM, Community Ctr. It’s a small and intimate venue, and totally acoustic. I had a great time there last year, and looking forward to getting. Of course, I will have all my CDS, including the live album, on hand. Dave Toland will be with me, on bass and harmony vocals. Hope to see a lot of you there.
Gonna have to call it good for now, back and eyes getting a little weary, so going to say adios. My best and love to all, especially all the beautiful ladies, The Hearnettes, background vocals on NM RASIN who have helped me so much, since the passing of Bonnie. You know you are. Also, a shout out to my buddy, Jim Robillard, who has stepped up to the plate for me, the last three weeks, and covered for my buddy Brett Davis, with PA set-up at La Fonda. A great job, in time of need. His wife Brenda, thanks for the airport run to OKC, and Jim, have become very special Friends, along with Tom and Nina Rebstock. Thanks Tom for the airport pick-up from OKC, and to Nina, for all the great food, that comes my way. Stay well and thanks for your love and ongoing support, from so many.

Bill <> <>
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