Most Requested Plus

Most Requested Plus: The Best of Bill and Bonnie Hearne (1993)

Title : Most Requested Plus: The Best of Bill and Bonnie Hearne
Release Date : January 15, 1993
Format : CD

Poor David’s Recordings (PDRD1040)
Executive Producer: David J. Card

Principal Musicians: Bill Hearne (Acoustic guitar, Lead vocals), Bonnie Hearne (Keyboards, Lead vocals), Michael Hearne (Guitar, vocals), Dave Magill (Bass guitar), Tom Howard (Drums), Carmen Acciaioli (Pedal steel).

Additional Musicians: Alan Hand (Piano), Robbie Robinson (Guitar), Steve Lindsay (Bass), John Karl Malm (Bass, Mandolin, Vocals), Tish Hinojosa (Vocals), Christine Alpert (Vocals), Bizzie McCarrol (Vocals), John Egenes (Mandolin), Baird Banner (Percussion).

This album features songs from four previously recorded albums: “Live at Poor David’s,” “New Mexico Rain,” “Down the Road” and “Navajo Rug.” Two new songs are included also.

The Other Side of the Hill (Chuck Pyle)
Cowboy Fantasy (Melissa Javors)
Gulf Coast Highway (Nanci Griffith, James Hooker, Flowers)
Evangelina (Hoyt Axton, Ken Higgenbotham)
No One Gives Us Tomorrow (Bonnie Hearne)
West Texas Wind (John Ims)
Roseville Fair (Bill Staines)
Wild Geese (Ian Tyson)
Navajo Rug (Ian Tyson, Tom Russell)
Love at the Five and Dime (Nanci Griffith)
New Mexico Rain (Michael Hearne)
Fusion (Eliza Gilkyson)
Drifter’s Wind (Chuck Pyle)
Georgetown (Gary Spehar)
Own Heart’s Delight (Ian Tyson)
Spirit of the Endless Sky (Chuck Pyle)
Sweet Mountain Breeze (Bonnie Hearne)