A Good Ride

A Good Ride (2009)

Title : A Good Ride
Release Date : December 4, 2009
Format : CD

  1. Border Radio 1:00
  2. Did She Mention My Name 1:00
  3. Endless Sky 1:00
  4. I'm a Rambler 1:00
  5. My Own Heart's Delight 1:00
  6. You've Got a Lover 1:00
  7. Object of My Affection 1:00
  8. The Railroad is Calling My Name 1:00
  9. Long Thin Dawn 1:00
  10. Evangelina 1:00
  11. Sweet Wyoming Home 1:00
  12. Roses Won't Stop Her 1:00
  13. Baton Rouge 1:00
  14. Hopes Up High 1:01
  15. That Old Cowboy 1:00
  16. Honky Tonk Stardust Cowboy 1:00
  17. I Want to Thank You Baby 1:00
  18. I Remember Lovin' You 1:00
  19. Good Ride 1:00

“A Good Ride” was released in December 2009 and was recorded at Don Richmond’s Howlin Dog studio in Alamosa Colorado, with two tracks at Frogville Studio in Santa Fe. Don produced the Alamosa sessions and Bill Palmer produced the Frogville session. The CD features Don on many instruments as well as vocals. Bill’s compadres, Bob Goldstein and Lance Quadri gave vocal and musicial support on “Don’t Give Your Heart To A Rambler”. Margaret Burke and Josh Martin lent a hand on Joe West’s song, “I Remember Lovin’ You”. Mike Handler, “Harmonica Mike” contributed some great harp work on Delbert McClinton’s song “I Want To Thank You Baby”. Bill recorded songs by many of his favorite writers including Lyle Lovett, the new title track, Michael Hearne and Mentor Williams, Shake Russell, Gordon Lightfoot, Jimmy Martin, Guy Clark and many others.