Bill’s Update

6/21-La Boca, Santa Fe, NM, 7/9PM, SOLO
6/24-Cowgirl BBQ, Santa Fe, 8/11PM, SOLO

Howdy! Folks,
Many thanks to those of you, who attended Bonnie’s tribute at Kerrville Folk Festival on 6/9. It was a tough evening for me, but a wonderful evening, all in one. My “sister in spirit” Becky Crutchfield, and longtime friend, Mary Alden Allard, were there to see me through. They are very special people in my life. Also, a very special thanks to Dalis Allen, who made it happen.
My Texas tour is pretty much set, it will be up in the next few days on <> Making some changes to the way I do this tour. Will be working with David Carroll, great bassist and becoming a good friend. David is local, Austin area, and will make my logistics, my simpler. It is getting to the point in my life, where I feel a need to simplify. Traveling in a van, dealing with housing ofr three, financial considerations, all in this. I certainly will miss the guys, Zeke, David, but I am looking forward to doing more Solo with bassist. Dave Carroll, also sings harmony, and works quite regularly with Christine Albert and husband Chris Gage. Also worked with the great Ray Price for two years on the road in the late 2000’s. Joining me at Gruene Hall, on 11/10, hopefully with other bass playing buddy, Jon Mastin, from dallas, will be a longtime friend, John Inmon, of the Lost Gonzo Band. Some of you may know, the Gonzos were Jerry Jeff Walker’s band for many years. John has worked with just about everybody, who are worth their salt, and has a great recording studio in Bastrop, TX. Also be playing for my dear friends, the Black’s, at their brand new BBQ restaurant in New Braunfels, TX.
Before Texas, got a lot of stuff going on, right here in New Mexico around Santa Fe, so check out my website for my schedule. Doing a lot of SOLO shows, as well as some trio shows.
Stay cool, and most of all, happy. Love your friends and family, and tell them so, text, social media, whatever, just let them know, you care. We’ll see you soon.

Bill <> <>
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Yes, I do private parties, weddings, etc. Solo, duo, trio.

Bill’s Update

Tonight/Tue-La Fiesta Lounge, at La Fonda Hotel, Santa Fe 7:30
Sat-Kerrville Folk Festival, Remembering Bonnie Hearne, W/Michael Hearne & Shake Russell, Tish Hinojosa, Christine Albert & Chris Gage, Butch Hancock, sittin’ in, and no tellin’ who else. Come join us, if you can. Kerrville fest has a very special place in mine and Bonnie’s hearts.

Howdy! Folks,
My trip to Boston, to support my buddy Francesca Crutchfield Stoker, she graduated from Boston College with MA in social work, was one of the most joyful and fun, trips I have ever made. The Crutchfield family is the best. Her mother Becky Jo, will be with me at Kerrville this weekend. Her love for Bonnie over the last 30, is very special, and somehow she manages to put with me.
Another angel, Mary Alden Allard, will also be at Kville to support me, Mary Alden Allard. Mary is another long time friend and Bill Hearne fan and toots my horn on Facebook, to no end. She did my website schedule for over two years, until her real work and family demands, forced to retire. Hope those of you who can, come on out for the celebration of Bonnie’s life. This will ba CELEBRATION. Take care, stay well, and cool. Got a l;ot up in the near future, so stay tuned.

Bill <>
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Bill’s Update for 5/28/6/2

Mon/Tue-La Fiesta Lounge, La Fonda Hotel, Santa Fe, 7:30/10:45

Sat—Solid Grounds Coffee House, St Stephens Methodist Church, Albuquerque, NM, 7PM

Howdy! Folks,
It’s getting hot down in Texas, as Michael Hearne wrote in his song “New Mexico Rain”, so hope to see a lot of my Texas fans in Santa Fe this summer. All is well, with me, just returned from a beautiful 4 days in Boston, supporting a dearest Friend, Becky Crutchfield, and her Daughter Francesca. Francesca graduated from Boston College a week ago, with a MA in social work. I was prviliged to be at the event, and also to hang out for four days in Boston, with some of the other Crutchfield family. Saw the US Constitution, the North Church, and ate some fantastic food, while hangin’ with them. Spent part of the last day, walking through Boston Commons, a beautiful park, where Bonnie once performed, some 20 years ago. The trip was well worth the jet lag over two time zones. Also attended a show at Club Passim, one of the iconic Americana music venues in country.
Don’t forget, coming up on June 9th, a tribute to Bonnie at the Kerrville Folk Festival. It will be a special night, with my dear friends, Tish Hinajosa, Michael Hearne, and hopefully Shake Russell, myself, and Christine Albert and husband Chris Gage. There will be a few other special guests as well, performing with me. Would love to have all of you there, that can make it out for this special evening, honoring my music and wife of almost 47 years.
Please stay cool, and in good spirits. Look forward to seeing you this coming summer, it’s going to be a good one. Doing a lot of solo shows as well as some trio dates. Check out <> , for info.

Bill <> <>
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This week’s update

Tomorrow— Black’s BBQ, San Marcos, TX. 1/4PM Mon—Mystery Monday, El Mercado (south), Austin, TX, 7PM W/Michael Hearne Tue—Shady Tree Saloon, Spring Branch, TX, 6/9PM Wed—Little Longhorn Saloon, Austin, TX, 7/11 Fri—Tavern On Main, Buda TX, 8/10PM Sat—Gruene Hall, New Braunfels, TX, 1/5PM
See you soon Bill
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Bill’s Weekly Update 4/15/4/22

Mon/Tue-La Fiesta Lounge @ La Fonda Hotel, Santa Fe, 7:30/10:45

Howdy! Folks,
Hope all is well with everyone, all good here in Santa Fe except the spring winds. Prayers appreciated moisture up this way.
We have a light week this week, but will be getting busier next week, with three shows in Colorado, and our spring Texas trip coming up beginning on May 4th. It’s all up on <> . Please check it out and plan on stopping by and say howdy.
My new CD, “WHERE LIGHTS ARE LOW”, is now on my store on my website. If you like “real country music, honky-tonk, think Merle Haggard, Buck Owens, George Jones, Ray Price, ete, then this album is for you. It’s I grew up with in Big D, and Austin. I found 15 hidden gems to record, with my friend Don Richmond. This is the fifth album, including one Bill & Bonnie CD, and I feel it’s my best effort, although proud of all them. It’s on Don’s label, “Howlin’ Dog.
Have a great week, and love and best to all of you. See you soon, and that’s so much for all your love and support, notes, well wishes at my shows, etc, regarding Bonnie. See you soon.

Bill <> <>
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Bill’s Update 4/11/4/15

Fri—Range Café, Bernalillo, NM, 7/9PM

Sat—Second Street Brewery @ Second Street, Santa Fe, 6/9PM

Howdy! Folks,
Hopefully, thanks to my friend David Thom, we have finally dealt with my computer server issues. So sorry for sporadic updates.
Hope all is well with all, it’s all good here in Santa Fe, other than, we desperately need moisture in any form possible. Hope some of you will be headin’ up how way soon, and we’ll be heading to Texas in May, so check out our website for our schedule. Also, don’t forget the Kerrville Folk Festival tribute to Bonn Hearne on Sat June 9th. Michael Hearne and Shake Russell, my trio, Tish Hinojosa, and Albert and Gage, that’s Christine Albert and her husband Chris Gage. Probably more as well. I’m looking forward to going back, it’s a special place for both Bonnie and I, and she’ll be there in spirit, no doubt. Hope you can make it out.
I’ll close for now, stay well and enjoy every dear blessed to be alive and well. See you soon, somewhere along the road.

Bill <> <>

Bill’s Update for this week 7/19/7/25

Tonight/Tue-La Fiesta Lounge, La Fonda Hotel, Santa Fe, 7:30/10:45PM Sat-Second Street Brewery @ Second Street. 6/9PM Hi! Folks, Another great weekend and week in the books. Lots of my new CD “Where Lights Are Low”, sold, and getting good feedback. Thanks to all who came to my house concert at the Corrales Art Ctr. This last Sat evening. What a great turn-out and venue. Big Thanks to Rick Thaller. Hope to be back next year. Also, Zeke and I had a great time at the Taos Mesa Brewing , last night, again thanks to all who came out to dance. We’ll be back in July. Just had lunch with my nephew Michael, and the Big Dance weekend is shaping up great. Sept 6/7/8. Taos NM, Kit Carson Park. Many of the usual suspects, plus some new artists as well. Take care, please be safe and have a Great week. Be safe, and stay healthy, and as Chuck Pyle, “keep’er steady”. Love to all, see you soon, somewhere along the way. Sincerely, Bill <> <> BOOKING : 505690-2514 or my email above.