Bill’s Weekly Schedule: 7/12/7/19

Mon/Tue-La Fiesta Lounge, La Fonda Hotel, Santa Fe, 7:30/11, trio, W/Dave, Bob Sat-Red River Ski Area (The Tip), Red River, NM, 11/1PM, acoustic show, W/Bob, Zeke Sun-Red River Community House, Red River, NM, 7:00, trio, W/Bob, Zeke Howdy Folks! A great time was had tby the Bill Hearne the 18th annual Woody Guthrie Music Festival in Okemah, OK this weekend. Although we did not get to attend on Saturday, Thursday night and Friday were a HOOT for sure. Made a bunch of new friends and saw many longtime pals as well. Heartfelt thanks to Bob Livingston, Tish Hinojosa, Monica Taylor, and Butch Hancock for joining Bob, Zeke, and I for our set at the Crystal Theater. Also thanks to Greg Johnson for making it happen for us. The staff was great and the food provided for the artists was outstanding. Hopefully we’ll be fortunate enough to be invited back next year, and we’ll be able to stay for the duration. We also made several house concert contacts, so all in all, a great trip. If you are going to be hanging out, or know someone who will be going to Red River, NM this weekend, please come by or tell them about our two shows in town on Sat/Sun. The tip is at he top of the red chair lift and a great 12 minute scenic ride, and casual food is served as well. Also The Community house is right in the middle of town, and we’ll be there as posted on Sunday evening for a formal concert. Hope to see a lot of folks and good friends at these shows. As some of you know, Bonnie and I spent twelve years playing in and around Red River in the 70’s and 80’s. Our home base was the Alpine Lodge (Cubbies’ Tavern). I always look forward to going back every summer, whenever possible. Got to get this out by 10P, so I’ll say so long for now. Have a great week, and thanks for listening. BTW, as always, Bonnie says hello, and she is hangin’ in there. Thanks, Bill BOOKINGS: 505-690-2514 OR

Bill;s Weekly Schedule 7/5/7/12

Mon/Tue—La Fiesta Lounge at La Fonda Hotel, Santa Fe, 7:30/11PM, trio, Zeke, Bob Fri—Woody Guthrie (Woodyfest), Okemah, OK, 12noon, Crystal Theater, Howdy! In the middle of a good week here in Santa Fe, two down and two to go. Great time for the second year for July 4th party at Las Campanas with Mystic Lizard, and a very pleasant afternoon with my solo show at Café Greco. Looking forward to the week ahead with my friends The Rifters kickin’ off the Santa Fe Summer Bandstand series on the plaza this Wednesday night at 6PM. I’ll be there, hope you will as well. Don, Rod, and Jim, are just outstanding and there is no better musician in these parts than Don Richmond. Americana at its best. As you may know, Don has produced my last three CD’s. Of course the BHT will be kicking of the two-stepping at the La Fonda Hotel this Mon’/Tue. You Can just keeping sliding over to the plaza and continue on Wednesday night with The Rifters. We’ll be doing the plaza ourselves with Michael Hearne later in the summer, more on that later. Very excited to be invited back to Woodyfest, Woody Guthrie memorial festival in Okemah, OK, this Friday at noon in the Crystal Theater venue. If you’re not familiar with Woody Guthire, you have probably heard a couple of his songs. Woddy Wrote many song, but his most popular was, “This Land Is Your Land” and “Oklahoma Hills”, popularized by many western swing groups, I played the festival about 16 years ago, and it’s only gotten bigger and better in that time. Looking forward to seeing a number of good friends, especially my pal for almost forty years Terry (Buffalo) Ware., and many others. Tell your friends and come yourself to this great three day event in about an hour east of OKC. Single day tickets are available as well. If you’re planning to be in Red River, NM, on July 18/19, the trio will be doing two show that weekend. We’ll be at the Red River Ski Area at the Tip, ride the chairlift, on Sat the 18th from 11/1PM. This will be a totally acoustic show with Bob and Zeke. Next evening Sun the 19th, the trio will be at the Red River Community House for Music In The Mountains series at 7PM, for an hour + concert. Both these events are free, but donations of any amount are appreciated at the non-profit community house show. Hope you can make one or both of these events. Have a great week and we look forward to seeing you soon, always appreciate your support and friendship, travel and hope your 4th of July was safe and enjoyable. Thanks, Bill BOOKINGS: 505-690-2514 OR

Bill’s Weekly Schedule: 6/29/7/5

Mon/Tue—La Fiesta Lounge, La Fonda Hotel, Santa Fe, 7:30/11PM, trio Sat—private party Sun—Café Greco, 233 Canyon Rd, Santa Fe, 12/3PM, SOLO Howdy! Folks, Another good week has come and gone. Looking forward to this week, can’t believe almost mid-summer with July 4th coming this Saturday. Will be doing our usual Mon/Tue evenings at the La Fiesta Lounge, then Saturday a private show for the 4th for Las Campanas members along with Mystic Lizard. This event is not open to the public. The following week, Zeke, Bob, and I will be heading to Okemah, Oklahoma for Woodyfest. This a wonderful honoring Woody Guthrie, who, love or not, had a great impact as a musician, songwriter and activist for common working folks. I appeared ther about 15 years ago, and looking to going back. Okemah is about an hour east Of OKC, just off I-40. We’ll be playing Friday, July 10th at 12 noon in the Crystal Theater in downtown Okemah. If you’re in the area, or have friends in the area, tell to come to Woodyfest, it’s a great three day event, July 9/10/11. Visited and sat-in with my Nephew Michael last night, and he’s closing on the Big Barndance Weekend schedule. Looks our Buddy Junior, originally from Santa Fe, we’ll be joining the roster as well as Michael Martin Murphy. The event will be Sep 10/11/12 at Kit Carson State Park in Taos, New Mexico. Looks like the Bill hearneTrio will be in its usual spot late Saturday afternoon. Just check out for more info. Have a great and Bonnie is hangin’ there, working on some physical issues, slowly making progress. Thanks to all ask about her, and she appreciates your love. She will make every effort to be at Michael’s shindig in September. Look forward to seeing you soon somewhere along the line. Thanks, Bill BOOKINGS: 505-690-2514 OR

Bill’s Weekly Schedule: 6/22/6/28

Mon/Tue—La Fiesta Lounge, La Fonda Hotel, Santa Fe, 7:30/11PM, trio, W/Zeke, Bob, Fri—Second Street Brewery, 1814 Second Street, Santa Fe, 6/9PM trio, Bob, Dave, Sun—Café Greco, 233 Canyon Rd, Santa Fe, 12/3PM, SOLO Howdy Folks! It’s finally summer in Santa Fe, a little warm, but not as warm as Texas or other parts of the country. Come on up and enjoy the high desert and catch the trio or one of my solo shows this summer and enjoy Santa Fe and northern New Mexico. Love to have you out this way. It’s about three weeks ‘till the Woody Guthrie Festival in Okemah, OK, and we’re very excited to be going and performing on Friday July 10th and noon in the Crystal Theater, one of several venues. They’ve had lots of rain, but from what I hear, all is OK with the event. Bonnie continues to deal with several medical issues, we appreciate keeping her in your thoughts. We’re on and dealing with them as best we can. We’ll see you soon, and continually appreciate your support and friendship. Have a great week, stay cool and dry. Thanks, Bill BOOKINGS: 505-690-2514 OR

Bill’s Weekly Schedule: 6/7/6/14

Mon/Tue-La Fiesta Lounge at La Fonda Hotel, Santa Fe, 7:30/11PM, trio W/Bob/Zeke Sat-Benefit dinner/dance for La Mariposa school, Assist Dogs Of The West, a various other charities, Quail Run Club House, Santa Fe, on Old Pecos Trail, 5/10PM, Bill Hearne Trio and Rifters, info: 505-995-9659 Sun-Taos Mesa Brewing, Taos NM, trio W/Bob/Dave, 6/9PM Howdy! Folks, All good here in Santa Fe, hope where you are you can say the same. The elements, wind, got us yesterday at the ABQ Folk Festival, so disappointing. We ha d full tent and then the middle of our first song a thunderstorm became to shake the tent loose from the tie downs and it was unsafe to continue. Great folks down there and no one felt worse than the folks putting on the event. Hope we’ll got another shot next year. We did manage to find a small room and play acoustically for the few folks that found us inside the venue. Looking forward to, at last, getting my matching hearing aid which should arrive this week. Hopefully will head down to ABQ on Thursday and pick it up. Should help my music and hearing immensely. I’ll be glad to have it for the big benefit dinner/dance this Saturday evening here at Quail Run for our show with the Rifters. The benefit supports La Mariposa Montessori school a number of other good charitable groups. Bonnie is doing as well as she can be, lots of issues with health, but she’s truckin’ on and hopes to make a guest appearance on Saturday for a couple of songs for the benefit concert. She also plans to be at Michael Hearne’s Barn Dance Weekend Festival in September at the Kit Carson park in Taos, NM. Always glad to head to Taos for a quarterly visit to Taos Mesa Brewing Americana Sundays. Dave Toland will be with us, as usual, and it will be good to be back there after about two months. That’s about it for this week, please make it out to see us soon, if not for the benefit show this coming Saturday, sometime soon. Love to you, and hope your summer continues to go well. BTW, want to send out our heartfelt love and support for all the good folks who have endured loss and misery in, Texas, Oklahoma, and now Colorado with the major weather issues, especially central Texas. Hang in there, it will pass. Thanks, Bill BOOKINGS: 505-690-2514 OR

Bill’s Weekly Schedule: 5/25/5/31

Mon—memorial concert honoring original 1972 Kerrville Folk Festival performer Segle Fry, 7PM at campground stage, various artists Note: Mystic Lizard, featuring Bob, Zeke, and their pals from ABQ, Bob Gray and Ben Perea will pinch hit for me on Monday at La Fiesta. Check it out for sure. Tue—La Fiesta Lounge at La Fonda Hotel , 7:30/11PM, trio W/Zeke, Bob Fri—Second Street Brewery, (original on 2nd St), Santa Fe, 6/9PM, trio Sun—Café Greco, 233 Canyon Rd, Santa Fe, 12/3PM, SOLO Howdy! Folks, Hope all is well with everyone this week. We’ve had much needed rain and all is looking beautiful in Santa Fe this week. I’m heading out early the morning to the Kerrville Folk festival outside of San Antonio Texas, for sadly, another memorial concert for a fallen comrade and most dear friend, Segle Fry. Segle was, along with Bonnie and I, an original performer on the 1972 Festival. In addition, he was a fierce of our music and became a mentor and father figure to us over 40 years. He was also a friend to many of us early Austin Texas pickers, such as Rusty Weir, Steven Fromholz, Jerry Jeff Walker, and many others, until his passing on Jan 5th due to massive heart failure. I’m, honored to be invited to his memorial celebration at the festival, and many thanks to Dalis Allen, producer, for making it possible for me to be there. I missed his party in Austin at his beloved venue, Saxon Pub in January. It’s true, when you’re young you attend weddings, when you’re old like me, 66 years, you attend funerals and memorials. Anyway, we’ll have a good time and I’ll a few of Segle’s favorite songs, such as, Creole Bell, Make Me a Pallet On Your Floor, Piney Wood Hills, and a classic country medley, plus see some dear friends, hopefully, if USAir cooperates, I’ll be back Tue for our regular La Fiesta date. As I mentioned, Mystic Lizard, my buddy Bob Goldstein’s, Bluegrass band will cover for me on Monday, don’t miss them, and yes, you can dance to their music for sure. My new replacement hearing aid is being made and will be ready in a couple of weeks. I’ll be able to hear you and converse with you folks much better now that I will have matched set that work in tandem. Sorry I won’t have it for the ABQ Folk festival, but will do the best I can. Looking forward to that event on June 6th at 4:30PM on the Mt Taylor Stage. Got to run and get ready for another night at the Sagebrush Inn. We had a fantastic Friday, last night, and looking forward to another in a few hours. Be careful this weekend and we’ll look to see you very soo, and as always, thanks for your support and friendship. Thanks, Bill BOOKINGS: 505-690-2514 OR

Cathy Faber’s Swingin’ Country

Howdy! Folks, News for you two-steppers. My friend and former bassist, Cathy Faber and her Swingin’ Country Band will be playing for your dancing and listening enjoyment this Fri/Sat at the La Fiesta Lounge at the La Fonda Hotel right in here in Santa Fe from 8/11PM. I guarantee you’ll enjoy Cathy’s great singing of country/swing and Americana music. As I mentioned in my earlier post, if you’re headin’ up Taos, NM, way this Fri/Sat, my trio will be playing at the beautiful Sagebrush Inn from 8/11PM. Catch us both this weekend for two nights of two-steppin’ fun. Thanks, Bill BOOKINGS: 505-690-2514 OR