Cathy Faber”s Swingin’ Country at La Fonda

Howdy! Folks, Just found out my good buddy Cathy Faber and her Swingin’ country Band will be back at the La Fiesta Lounge at the La Fonda Hotel this weekend 9/9/10. That’s tonight and tomorrow night. Good two-steppin swing dancing for sure, and Cathy’s great vocals. BTW, hope to see some of you folks up in Taos at the Michael Hearne Big Barn Dance Music Festival this weekend. Take care, stay well. Thanks, Bill BOOKINGS: 505-690-2514 OR

Bill’s Weekly Schedule: 9/8/9/13

Tue-La Fiesta Lounge at La Fonda Hotel, Santa Fe, 7:30/11PM, trio W/Dave, Bob Thu-Red River Bluegrass Festival, Red River, NM, 6:30PM, Red River Community House, trio Sat-Michael Hearne’s Big Barn Dance Music Festival, Kit Carson Ste. Park, Taos, NM, trio, W/Bonnie Hearne, Eden Hearne, Travis Hearne, and Michael Hearne, guests, plus Don Richmond pinch hitting for Bob Goldstein, 4PM APPROX Howdy! Folks, Another great weekend it Taos, and Lake Vallecito in Colorado. Made a bunch of new friends and a new venue to perform. Another big weekend on the way this week, with Michael Hearne’s Big Barn dance festival at Kit Carson Ste. Park in downtown Taos, this Thu/Sat. Michael Martin Murphy, Gary P Nunn, Junior Brown, Chuck Pyle, etc. Starts Thu about 1PM and runs to about 10PM each day. Bill Hearne Trio and friends will be doing our thing about 4ish on Sat afternoon. Look forward to seeing this Thu before the Barndance at the Red River Bluegrass Festival. I’ll be doing a set at 6:30PM and then heading over to the Barn Dance to catch Gary P’s closing out Thu night. See you soon, and have a great week. Two great festivals to catch the Bill Hearne Trio. Thanks, Bill BOOKINGS: 505-690-2514 OR

Bill’s Weekly Schedule 9/3/9/6

Fri-Sagebrush Inn, Taos NM, 8/11PM, trio Sat-Blue Spruce RV Park & Cabins, Lake Vallecito, CO, 7PM, concert, open to public, trio Howdy! Folks, Late this week, but is well with Bonnie and I. Got her new shoes, not ‘New Boots” today, and they seem to be working well, but to early to tell for sure. She’s looking forward to the Michael Hearne Big Barn Dance Music festival next week 9/10/9/12. Bonnie is definitely planning on making a cameo appearance on stage at the event, and we plan on performing “Wild Geese”, a Bill & Bonnie classic by Ian Tyson, and our talented niece, Eden Hearne and Bonnie will perform a song associated with bonnie for many years titled “Georgetown”. As per usual, Michael will join me for a couple of tunes, and I hope to get my great nephew, Travis Hearne, also a talented musician, to join me and others for “New Mexico Rain”. Looks like we’ll be going on around 4ish on Saturday afternoon. Also, Don Richmond of The Rifters, will be pinch hitting for us in place of Bob Goldstein. Can’t beat that with a stick. The city of Taos has a 10PM curfew, so be on time, things are going to run pretty tight this year. Hope a lot of you folks can make it up to Kit Carson Ste. Park for the event. Michael Martin Murphy, Junior Brown, Gary P Nunn, Chuck Pyle, Bob Livingston, etc. Of course as always, The Rifters and Michael and his SXSW trio, Zeke and Carmen, will wrap things up Saturday night, with a dance and finale. $25 tickets will be available at 7PM, for the folks who only wish to come for the dance portion of Saturday, although there will be a dance floor available the entire event for those who just can’t sit still. Also on next Thursday night, 9/10, I’ll be playing at the Red River Bluegrass Festival in Red River, NM, at 6:30PM at the Red River Community House. We’ll be kicking off the entire event which runs through Saturday night. Zeke, will be with me, as well as my longtime friend John Karl Malm on mandolin. John played with Bonnie and I for a number of years, during our Red River, NM, days in the 80’s. Colorado front range tour coming up in October and Texas swing in November coming up soon. Also, we’ve been invited back to the Woody Guthrie Music Festival, (Woodyfest) in 2016, 7/15/17. Have a great week and we’ll see you real soon, thanks as always for your support. Thanks, Bill BOOKINGS: 505-690-2514 OR

Bill’s Weekly Schedule: 8/24/8/30

Mon/Tue-La Fiesta Lounge, La Fonda Hotel, Santa Fe, 7:30/11P, trio W/Bob/Dave Wed/Thu-A Don’t Miss at La Fiesta, Bob, Zeke, Ben, and Bob Gray, Mystic Lizard, (Bluegrass/Country), and yes you can dance to Bluegrass music for sure. 7:30/11P. Look for me on Wed for sure on front row. This is there first official stand alone two day stand at La Fonda. They pinched hit for me in May, for one night, and were very well received. Sat-Second Street Brewery At Second Street, Santa Fe, 6/9P, myself and Zeke on bass/vocals Sun-House Concert with Bill Hearne Trio W/The Cowboy Way, featuring Jim Jones opening set, 6PM, 6666 4th St., Los Ranchos De ABQ, Howdy! Folks, A big thank you Montechristi Custom Hats, and owner Milton Johnson for hosting an Indian Market concert this last Saturday for me. Montechristi is on McKenzie St, just off of N Guadeloupe. If you need a fine Panama hat, look no further than Milton. I’m a proud owner of two of their beautiful hats. It was a perfect afternoon and their courtyard was just right for a small gathering. DON”T MISS, THE OFFICIAL DEBUT OF MY BUDDIES, MYSTIC LIZARD at the La Fiesta Lounge at La Fonda Hotel this Wed/Thu night at 7:30. This is Bob’s alter-ego Bluegrass band and they are outstanding. They’re also working up some crossover two-step and swing for the dancers. They proved, pinch hitting for me in may that you CAN dance to Bluegrass. Of course, I’ll be there as a fan hangin’ out. Very nice harmony vocals, and some great instrumental work by all four, Bob, Zeke, Bob Gray, and Ben Perea. Be there. Sunday should be fun with my friend Jim Jones and his Cowboy Way Ta rio. Jim has won numerous awards and honors in western music and has a fine relatively new CD out of contemporary western music. I sent all you good folks the flyer via email this last week. Hope you can join us. We’ll do some pickin’ together at the end. Bonnie is hangin’ another hurdle coming up on Wednesday to check her kidney functions. It’s an outpatient procedure, and we hope all goes well. At least we hope to know what’s going on, and hopefully fix it very soon. She hopes and plans to be at the big Michael Hearne “Big Barn Dance Music Fest”, coming up real soon on Sep 10/12. Don’t forget to check out, for details. Looks like the trio, Bonnie, and of course, Michael will join me, late afternoon on Saturday. The Great Don Richmond, producer of three of my CD’S and one Bill & Bonnie CD, founder of The Rifters Trio, , will join me in place of Bob this year. Not a bad substitute, I’d say. Getting late, gotta get ready for another great week. Take care, and sincere thanks for your support and friendship. Thanks, Bill BOOKINGS: 505-690-2514 OR

Bill’s Weekly Schedule: 8/16/823

Mon/Tue—La Fiesta Lounge at La Fonda Hotel, Santa Fe, 7:30/11PM, trio W/Bob, Zeke Sun—Café Greco, 233 Canyon Rd, Santa Fe, 12/3PM, SOLO SHOW Howdy! Folks, Great shows this last week with my nephew Michael at the Santa Fe Summer Bandstand, and this Friday at the Hot Chili Days Cool Mountain Nights Festival and my former hometown of Red River, NM. Thanks to all who came out, and especially those who picked up my CD”S, newest and older ones as well. Café Greco is always a pleasant Sunday afternoon on their very shady and cool patio, and a lot of nice folks stopped by this afternoon for a light meal and cool drink. If you’re headin’ up to Santa Fe early for Indian Market, love to have you stop by the La Fiesta Lounge tomorrow night or Tuesday and say howdy! And enjoy the Bill Hearne. Zeke Severson will be on bass and Bob will be with me as well on all of his instruments. This week marks one year for our newest CD, “All That’s Real. I just got a full last week from Don Richmond at Howlin’ Dog Records, so if you don’t have one, think about pickin’ one up next time you see us. Bonnie’s cast has been removed, and other than readjusting to walking without the cast, is doing fairly well. She’s looking forward to the Michael Hearne’s Big Barn Dance Music Festival. It’s just around the corner on Sep 10/12 in Taos, NM, at the Kit Carson State Park, just a couple of blocks north of the Taos Plaza. Got to to get all the information and line-up, including myself and folks like Junior Brown, Gary P Nunn, Michael Martin Murphy, The Rifters, Chuck Pyle, etc. Most likely for you hard core dancers, there will be $25 tickets available for Saturday night beginning at 7PM for the Rifters and Michael Hearne and SXSW closing dance and jam. I also understand, there will be a larger dance area in general as there is much more room available at Kit Carson Park. Hope to see a lot of you folks on my list at the Barn Dance. Bonnie and I plan to sing a couple of tunes on my set on Saturday afternoon. Have a great week, and stay well, and as always thanks for your friendship and support. Look forward to seeing you somewhere soon. Thanks, Bill BOOKINGS: 505-690-2514 OR