FW: Swingin’ Los Alamos This Saturday!

Hey! Y’all check out my friend, and former bassist/vocalist, Cathy Faber, all you good two-steppers in Los Alamos this sat night. Details below. See you soon. Subject: Swingin’ Los Alamos This Saturday! Greetings to you all, Dancers and Music Lovers, We’re getting back into the swing of things, and our upcoming gig is just around the corner! We’ll be playing the Cowboy Dinner and Dance this Saturday at the Posse Lodge in Los Alamos. Dinner starts at 5:00 PM and the Dance begins at 7:00 PM. Really great food, and exceptional music! See the attached Flyer for the details. Hope to see you there! Cathy, Laura, Dave and Troy

Bill’s Weekly Scheudle 7/25/7/30

Mon/Tue-La Fiesta Lounge at La Fonda Hotel, 7:30/11, trio Thu-Tiny’s Restaurant & Lounge, Santa Fe, 7/10:15, trio Fri-Wildwood Sounds House Concert Series, Del Norte, CO, 7PM, trio Sat-Bluespruce RV Park & Cabins, Lake Vallecito, N of Bayfield CO, 7PM, trio Howdy! Folks, Great weekend in Red River, NM, the community house was packed and thanks to all for coming out for our Music In The Mountains. No time to rest, a another busy week, as you can see, by the schedule above. I’ll just say weishing the best to all, those of you in southern Colorado, hope you can make one of these show. The Bluespruce RV Park show is open to the public, not just campers. Beautiful outdoor, weather permitting for our concert. Wild Wood Sounds is also a quality listening room venue. See you soon, and thanks as always. Thanks, Bill billhearne.com bill@Billhearne.com BOOKINGS: 505-690-2514 OR bill@billhearne.com

Bill’s Weekly Schedule: 7/18/7/24

Mon/Tue-La Fiesta Lounge, La Fonda Hotel, Santa Fe, 7:30/11PM, trio Sat-The Lodge At Red River, Red River, NM, (Lost Love Saloon) 7/9PM, approx., trio Sun-Music In The Mountains Concert, Red River Community House, Red River, NM, 7/8PM, trio Howdy! Folks, Another wonderful Woody Fest has come and gone. We had a great set, and heard some great artists, known and unknown while there. Great to visit with my buddies Butch Hancock and Greg Johnson, and many other pickers and songwriters, including the phenomenal Terry (Buffalo) Ware on guitar. Already looking forward to next July, we’ll hope to be back for the 20th anniversary. Really looking forward to getting up to Red River, mine and Bonnie’s former residence this upcoming weekend. Haven’t played for our good friend Steve Heglund at the Lodge At Red River in three years. The trio will stick around on the 24th,and play our annual concert at the Community House in Red River. The music series is called “Music In The Mountains” and you better be there on time. It’s a one hour concert from 7/8PM. We’re honored to be invited back for the fourth year in a row. We’ll also be back for Americana night at the annual Red River Bluegrass Festival on Fri Sep 16th at 6PM. This also is at the Red River Community House venue. Hope everyone is staying cool, wherever you are and Bonnie says howdy! And is looking forward to joining me at Michael Hearne’s Big Barn Dance Weekend Sep 8/9/10. Coming up quick. Check it all out at www.michaelhearne.com/barndanceweekend. We’ll be playing as usual on Sat afternoon, and we’re going to have a Hearne family Jam, along with guest picker Don Richmond. Michael and I will be working the following week with Don Richmond at Howlin Dog Records on a Bill and Michael Hearne and family CD project. Howlin’ Dog will be starting a “Go Fund Me” drive to help us with his special project soon, featuring my niece, Eden Hearne, Michael’s Son Travis, Michael’s daughter, Sarah, and hopefully my sister in-law Sharon Hearne. Michael and I have waited much too long to do something like this, and we’re very thrilled finally make this happen. Michael and I, along with Shake Russell, and Don Richmond and headliner Suzy Bogguss, had a great on the Rio Grande Scenic Railway. We dedicated the festival to our pal the late Chuck Pyle and all of us performed a number of his songs at the amphitheater developed by Ed Ellis, owner of the railway in Fir, CO, near the top of Lavita Pass, CO. More concerts our scheduled throughout the summer every Sat/Sun, leaving Alamosa, CO, it’s beautiful trip and well worth the ride. Check it out. Got to go for now, stay well, and look forward to seeing you sometime soon, sorry to be a little inconsistent, with this email, but we are extremely busy, not complaining, and time is short sometimes. Always know that my website, and Facebook are up to date, thanks to my dear friend Mary Alden Allard. Sincerely, Bill PS: headed to Texas in Oct, trying to fill Wed Oct 19th, to fill out our trip. Anyone in the Austin, Dallas, or central Texas area, interested in doing a house concert, or party with the Bill Hearne Trio, get in touch with me at info below. Thanks, Bill billhearne.com bill@Billhearne.com BOOKINGS: 505-690-2514 OR bill@billhearne.com

Bill’s Update

Howdy! Folks, My modem is burned out on main computer, using iPhone is a challenge for me, so I will this short. New modem is on the way, be back on home computer in a few days. Bonnie and I are well and summer is pretty good. Hope all is good with everybody. Very much looking forward to the Kerrville folk festival on June 10. Will be playing about 8 o’clock on that Friday the final weekend of the Kerrville folk festival. Hope to see some of you there or any of the other venues that will be playing this summer. Take care and stay well. Here is my schedule for the next few days 5/28– Second Street Brewery, Santa Fe, 6/9 5/29–Private Event 5/30/31–La Fiesta Lounge. 7:30/11 6/3–Range Cafe Bernalillo, NM. 7:30/9:30 6/4–Albuquerque Folk Festival, ABQ NM, 7:30/9:20 6/5–Cowgirl BBQ, Santa Fe, NM, 8/11PM (SOLO) Thanks, Bill www.billhearne.com bill@billhearne. Com BOOKINGS: 505-690-2514 or my email address Sent from my iPhone

Bill’s Weekly Schedule: 5/2/5/8

Mon/Tue-La Fiesta Loung at La Fonda Hotel, Santa Fe, 7:30/11PM, trio Fri-Kent Black’s BBQ, San Marcos, TX, 6/9PM, trio Sat-Gruene Hall, New Braunfels, TX, 1/5PM, trio Sun-Black’s BBQ, (original location) Lockhart, TX, 1/4PM, trio Howdy! Folks, Gotta be short, lots to do before we head out Texas way. Hope to see a lot of you folks on our spring swing through central Texas. For the following week, 5/9/5/14, please go to www.billhearne.com, as I may not have time to put out an email next week. Also, Bonnie continues to slowly improve, her PT is going well from her recent falls. Take care, and we’ll see you soon. Thanks, Bill billhearne.com bill@Billhearne.com BOOKINGS: 505-690-2514 OR bill@billhearne.com

Bill’s Weekly Schedule: 4/17/4/24

Mon/Tue-La Fiesta Lounge at La Fonda Hotel, Santa Fe, 7:30/11PM, trio Sat-Poor David’s Pub, 1313 S Lamar, Dallas, TX, opening for songwriters showcase, featuring: Jon Vezner (Kathy Matea’s husband), and award winning Nashville songwriter, plus Texas songwriter Sara Hickman, and Don Henry. Howdy! Folks, Looking forward as always to La Fiesta Lounge, especially with our great new stage, and spending a few days with my brother Carl in Dallas. While I’m in BIG D, I’ll be doing a show again at Poor David’s Pub, opening for three outstanding songwriters. Although I only know Sara Hickman on a personal level, I’m very familiar with Jon Vezner’s writing. If you’re familiar with Kathy Matea, country/folk artist who had a number of hit songs in the late 80’s/early 90’s, Jon his her husband. I’ll kick off the show with a 45 minute set of my favorite songwriters music. Doors at 7:30, my set at 8:15. I’ll be supported by my long time friend Jon Mastin on bass. Because this is somewhat of a personal trip, I cannot bring Zeke and Bob this time around. However, our full Texas tour will be coming up soon starting May 6th. It’s up on my website, www.old.billhearne.com/wp. Make sure you have the updated website. I’m no longer wearing a red shirt and white cowboy hat on the new site. Bonnie slowly improving, starting PT, having her third session this week. I’m grateful for the extra help we received through our personal care program, so I feel OK about my trip to Dallas. I once again, want to thank my dear friend Kent Black of Black’s BBQ in Lockhart/San Marcos, and Austin (31st and Guadeloupe), for their generosity in sponsoring my trip. The trio will be appearing at both the Lockhart and San Marcos, TX venues in May. Not only can you hear us, but you can sample the best BBQ in Texas while you’re there. Gotta head out for now, take care, and know your support is always appreciated and heartfelt. See you soon, stay well and happy. PS: A big thank you to Tiny’s and all the folks who supported our dance last Thursday night. We’ll try to do one Thursday a month, if you good two-steppers will support us. Our next Tiny’s date is Thursday May 19th. Thanks, Bill billhearne.com bill@Billhearne.com BOOKINGS: 505-690-2514 OR bill@billhearne.com

Bill’s Weekly Update 4/10/4/17

Mon/Tue-La Fiesta Lounge, La Fonda Hotel, Santa Fe, 7:30/11PM, trio Thu-Tiny’s Restaurant and Lounge, Santa Fe, 7:00/10:30PM, trio Howdy! Folks, Another good week has come and gone, looking forward to this week and my opening set in Dallas for Sara Hickman, Don Henry and Jon Vezner on Sat Apr 23rd at Poor David’s Pub, 1313 Lamar. Didn’t think I would be back so soon after opening for my nephew Michael and Shake Russell.Thanks to my good friends at Black’s BBQ in Lochart/San Marcos, TX, who sponsored my trip and back to open the show at 8:15. I’ll do a 45 minute show. Sara has been a friend for many years, be great to see her again after a long time passing. Don’t know Don or Jon, but do know Jon as a fine songwriter and husband country/folk singer Kathy Matea. Should be a great show. This is a songwriter in the round as I understand it to be. Bonnie is improving, was a difficult week, but things are looking up. Hopefully the PT work, which started last Thur, will help. The falls took their toll for sure, but things are looking up, slowly. Very excited about being invited back to Woody Guthrie Festival, aka Woodyfest this July in Okemah, OK, . We’re officially booked at 3PM in the Crystal Theater again. Great old funky venue for music. Thank God it’s somewhat air conditioned. We got lucky last year, with low 90’s,. It’s a great festival the best of mostly southwestern singer/songwriters and bands. Texas tour coming up next month, make sure you have my new website which is the same as always: www.billhearne.com, was updated and reformatted last spring. If I’m wearing a red shirt and white cowboy hat, it’s the old site. Our Texas dates are on the new version. See you soon, best to all and thanks for your support. Stay well, and happy, and God’s speed to merle Haggard, my hero along with Buck Owens. I’m sure Merle has found Buck by now. Thanks, Bill billhearne.com bill@Billhearne.com BOOKINGS: 505-690-2514 OR bill@billhearne.com

Bill’s Weekly Schedule 4//4/4/10

Mon/Tue—La Fiesta Loung, La Fonda Hotel, Santa Fe, 7:30/11PM, trio Thu—Tiny’s Restaurant and Lounge, Santa Fe, 7:00/10:30PM, trio Sat—Second Street Brewery at Second Street, Santa Fe, 6/9PM, trio Other great music this week by my friends: Wed/Thu—Cathy Faber’s Swingin’ Country Band, La Fiesta Lounge, La Fonda, 7:30/11PM Fri—my pals and trio mates, Bob, Zeke, and Mystic Lizard (Bluegrass), Range Café, Bernalillo, NM, 7:30/9:30PM Fri/Sat—The Jimmie Stadler Band, La Fiesta Lounge, La Fonda Hotel, Santa Fe, (you name it, Jimmie plays it), 8/11PM Howdy! Folks, Hope all is well with everyone. We’re a little busier this week glad for it for sure. Hope you’ll also check out all my friends who are playing this week in Santa Fe as well. Going to be short this week. As some of you may know, Bonnie is having some difficulties with respect to health. Difficulty walking, motor skills, we think it’s neurological, not sure, but has fallen several times here in our apartment. Have had to be “on call” abunch. We have been blessed with a great deal of help during my absence for my shows, but it’s been a stretch. We’ll know more when she sees her PCP on Tue morning. Hope you’ll join the trio this week in one of the venues listed above, it’s beautiful in Santa Fe, although windy at times, but spring for sure. Take care, we’ll see you soon. Thanks as always for your continued love and support for both myself and Bonnie. Thanks, Bill billhearne.com bill@Billhearne.com BOOKINGS: 505-690-2514 OR bill@billhearne.com