Fri/Sat—Sagebrush Inn, Taos, NM, 8/11PM, trio Sun—Café Greco, 233 Canyon Rd, Santa Fe, 12/3PM, SOLO Howdy! Folks, Very late this week, so sorry. All is well here in santa Fe, hope it is with everyone. If you’re up Taos, NM, way this weekend, we’ll be pickin’ at the Sagebrush Inn. Love to have you come by and do a little two-steppin’ with the Bob, Zeke and I. On Sunday I’ll be back for a long stretch of Sundays at Café Greco on Canyon Rd here in Santa Fe on their shady patio from 12/3PM. It’s a wonderful bistro/deli with specialality beers and wine list. If you’rs strolling Canyon Rd, a great place to stop and rest and have sandwitch and beverage. Don’t forget to write down Wed Aug 12th, especially you hard-core dancers. The Bill Hearne Trio and Michael Hearne and SXSW will be doing a co-bill on the Santa Fe Plaza at 6PM as part of the Summer Bandstand. Should be a great night, hope for a good weather window that evening. Hear all your favorites from the Hearne boys. Hopefully, Bonnie can make an appearance as well, but not guaranteed. Thanks for listening and I’ll do better next week with my update. Thanks, Bill BOOKINGS: 505-690-2514 OR