Mon/Tue-La Fiesta Lounge at La Fonda Hotel, Santa Fe, 7:30/11PM, trio W/Bob/Zeke Sat-Benefit dinner/dance for La Mariposa school, Assist Dogs Of The West, a various other charities, Quail Run Club House, Santa Fe, on Old Pecos Trail, 5/10PM, Bill Hearne Trio and Rifters, info: 505-995-9659 Sun-Taos Mesa Brewing, Taos NM, trio W/Bob/Dave, 6/9PM Howdy! Folks, All good here in Santa Fe, hope where you are you can say the same. The elements, wind, got us yesterday at the ABQ Folk Festival, so disappointing. We ha d full tent and then the middle of our first song a thunderstorm became to shake the tent loose from the tie downs and it was unsafe to continue. Great folks down there and no one felt worse than the folks putting on the event. Hope we’ll got another shot next year. We did manage to find a small room and play acoustically for the few folks that found us inside the venue. Looking forward to, at last, getting my matching hearing aid which should arrive this week. Hopefully will head down to ABQ on Thursday and pick it up. Should help my music and hearing immensely. I’ll be glad to have it for the big benefit dinner/dance this Saturday evening here at Quail Run for our show with the Rifters. The benefit supports La Mariposa Montessori school a number of other good charitable groups. Bonnie is doing as well as she can be, lots of issues with health, but she’s truckin’ on and hopes to make a guest appearance on Saturday for a couple of songs for the benefit concert. She also plans to be at Michael Hearne’s Barn Dance Weekend Festival in September at the Kit Carson park in Taos, NM. Always glad to head to Taos for a quarterly visit to Taos Mesa Brewing Americana Sundays. Dave Toland will be with us, as usual, and it will be good to be back there after about two months. That’s about it for this week, please make it out to see us soon, if not for the benefit show this coming Saturday, sometime soon. Love to you, and hope your summer continues to go well. BTW, want to send out our heartfelt love and support for all the good folks who have endured loss and misery in, Texas, Oklahoma, and now Colorado with the major weather issues, especially central Texas. Hang in there, it will pass. Thanks, Bill BOOKINGS: 505-690-2514 OR