Tue-La Fiesta Lounge, La Fonda Hotel, Santa Fe, 7:30/11PM, trio W/Zeke, Bob Fri/Sat-Sagebrush Inn, Taos, NM, 8/11PM, trio NOTE: debut for Mystic Lizard at La Fiesta Lounge on Mon 5/25, Zeke, Bob, Ben and Bob Gray will perform, same time 7:30/11PM, (Bluegrass, but danceable) so I may attend and perform a solo show at the Kerrville Folk Festival. This is a memorial concert honoring two former Kerrville festival performers who passed earlier this year. I will return, if the airlines treat me right, for Tuesday as scheduled. Howdy! Folks, Another great Texas run is complete. Another great trip, inspite of the much needed rain in central and north Texas. Did some trailblazing in Ft Worth, weather was not kind to us there, but a great time anyway. Not a lot of time to chat this week, just know we’re back for most of the summer, right here in Santa Fe and Northern New Mexico. Take care, and know that you are all appreciated. Bonnie is doing OK, back from her family reunion trip to Mexia, TX. Morer on Bonnie next time around. Thanks, Bill billhearne.com bill@Billhearne.com BOOKINGS: 505-690-2514 OR bill@billhearne.com