Howdy! Folks, Sat 9/15—The Lost American Art Gallery, Longview, Alberta Canada, 7:30PM , SOLO Thanks to Bob and Happy, owners, for this happen, and to Paula and Peter Swan for hosting me, in their home. Should a heckuva good time The Michael Hearne Barn Dance, was the best ever. Thanks for the love shown both to Bonnie, and to me. Already looking forward to #17 on 95/6/7 next year. Big thanks to Mary Alden for the incredible coconut pie, and her love, and to Becky Crutchfield, a first timer, for hangin’ with me and driving my van. She’ll be back next year, hopefully with her daughter Francesca. Gotta run, writing this LAX, waiting on a flight to Calgary. Writing on a cell phone, is a pain for an old half blind guy, but wanted drop a line to all. Take care, and best to you all.
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