6/21-La Boca, Santa Fe, NM, 7/9PM, SOLO
6/24-Cowgirl BBQ, Santa Fe, 8/11PM, SOLO

Howdy! Folks,
Many thanks to those of you, who attended Bonnie’s tribute at Kerrville Folk Festival on 6/9. It was a tough evening for me, but a wonderful evening, all in one. My “sister in spirit” Becky Crutchfield, and longtime friend, Mary Alden Allard, were there to see me through. They are very special people in my life. Also, a very special thanks to Dalis Allen, who made it happen.
My Texas tour is pretty much set, it will be up in the next few days on www.billhearne.com <www.billhearne.com> Making some changes to the way I do this tour. Will be working with David Carroll, great bassist and becoming a good friend. David is local, Austin area, and will make my logistics, my simpler. It is getting to the point in my life, where I feel a need to simplify. Traveling in a van, dealing with housing ofr three, financial considerations, all in this. I certainly will miss the guys, Zeke, David, but I am looking forward to doing more Solo with bassist. Dave Carroll, also sings harmony, and works quite regularly with Christine Albert and husband Chris Gage. Also worked with the great Ray Price for two years on the road in the late 2000’s. Joining me at Gruene Hall, on 11/10, hopefully with other bass playing buddy, Jon Mastin, from dallas, will be a longtime friend, John Inmon, of the Lost Gonzo Band. Some of you may know, the Gonzos were Jerry Jeff Walker’s band for many years. John has worked with just about everybody, who are worth their salt, and has a great recording studio in Bastrop, TX. Also be playing for my dear friends, the Black’s, at their brand new BBQ restaurant in New Braunfels, TX.
Before Texas, got a lot of stuff going on, right here in New Mexico around Santa Fe, so check out my website for my schedule. Doing a lot of SOLO shows, as well as some trio shows.
Stay cool, and most of all, happy. Love your friends and family, and tell them so, text, social media, whatever, just let them know, you care. We’ll see you soon.

www.billhearne.com <www.billhearne.com>
bill@billhearne.com <mailto:bill@billhearne.com>
BOOKING: 505-690-2514 or email.
Yes, I do private parties, weddings, etc. Solo, duo, trio.