Tonight/Tue-La Fiesta Lounge, at La Fonda Hotel, Santa Fe 7:30
Sat-Kerrville Folk Festival, Remembering Bonnie Hearne, W/Michael Hearne & Shake Russell, Tish Hinojosa, Christine Albert & Chris Gage, Butch Hancock, sittin’ in, and no tellin’ who else. Come join us, if you can. Kerrville fest has a very special place in mine and Bonnie’s hearts.

Howdy! Folks,
My trip to Boston, to support my buddy Francesca Crutchfield Stoker, she graduated from Boston College with MA in social work, was one of the most joyful and fun, trips I have ever made. The Crutchfield family is the best. Her mother Becky Jo, will be with me at Kerrville this weekend. Her love for Bonnie over the last 30, is very special, and somehow she manages to put with me.
Another angel, Mary Alden Allard, will also be at Kville to support me, Mary Alden Allard. Mary is another long time friend and Bill Hearne fan and toots my horn on Facebook, to no end. She did my website schedule for over two years, until her real work and family demands, forced to retire. Hope those of you who can, come on out for the celebration of Bonnie’s life. This will ba CELEBRATION. Take care, stay well, and cool. Got a l;ot up in the near future, so stay tuned.

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