Mon/Tue-La Fiesta Lounge @ La Fonda Hotel, Santa Fe, NM, 7:30/10:45PM, trio
Sat-Bill Hearne’s pre 69th birthday party w/trio, last year of the 60’s, Thrive Dance Station, Solana Shopping Center, W Alameda, Santa Fe, NM. Carrot cake for all, hopefully coconut cream pie for yours truly.

Howdy! Folks,
Just back from my good buddy, Jim Rooney’s 80th birthday party in Nashville, TN. A world class line-up of top session players and songwriters gathered at the Station Inn for Jim’s, Rooney’s Irregulars, jam, and fundraiser for the W. O Smith Music School for kids. A great non-profit for youth music education. The following night Fri, his pal Jim Maguire, world class photographer, hosted Jim’s 80th birthday party. It was a honor to be there, my first, but last, for sure. Jim was a major producer of folk and country music, and mover and shaker the late 50’s early 60’s folk scene. Jim produced two albums for Bonnie and I, “Diamonds In The Rough” on Warner Bros (Warner Western) in 1997, and five years later our Celebration Live At La Fonda CD. Needless to say, a very special individual.
Very much looking forward to my pre 60ththis coming Sat, 2/3 at the Dance Station here in Santa Fe on W Alameda, in the Solana Ctr. 7/10PM, with my trio, and hope a few other pickers. Bonnie will be joining me from afar, won’t see her, but she’ll be there for sure. Carrot cake for all, and hopefully a visit from my dear Mary Alden Allard, with my all time favorite pie, coconut cream. We’ll see what happens, long haul for Mary from Estancia. Regardless, we’ll have a great time, a great to dance to us on a huge hardwood dance floor.
Don’t forget our big show in Dallas, Sat Mar 3rd, at Poor David’s Pub, 1313 S Lamar in Dallas with Michael Hearne and his pal and mine, Shake Russell. They do a heck of a show, and Shake will have his new solo CD release on Don Richmond’s, Howlin’ Dog Records. Their duo album, will also be available and several of mine, possibly my new one as well, although it will be a stretch. Cross your fingers. Go to for all the info.
Got to run, stay healthy, avoid the flu, whatever you do, and Remember, take care to enjoy today, tomorrow’s is anybody’s guess.

Bill <>
BOOKING: 505-690-2514
PS: again thanks to all of you who have kindly supported The Bonnie Hearne Memorial Fund. You have certainly helped me make some unexpected challenges, and I’m deeply grateful.