Hi! Folks,
Happy holidays to all, hope everybody’s rockin’ along. Just to late you good folks know, Bonnie, my wife of almost 47, is in ICU here in Santa Fe, with very serious bacterial issue caused by an internal infection. The condition is know as Sepsis, where bacteria from an infection enters the bloodstream and spreads throughout the body. Bonnie is in ICU at Cristus St Vincent Medical Ctr, here in Santa Fe. This is a very serious condition and bonnie is for the moment stable and vital signs have improved. I will do my best to give you, hopefully positive info as we receive. I cannot the staff at St Vincent for the kindness and professionalism. Think you for your ongoing support of my music and love for Bonnie. BTW, love your family today and everybody, and count your blessings often. We almost lost a good soul, still may, but there doing the best.

Heartfelt Thanks,