Hey! Folk, We’re down to last two days of our kick starter project to pre-order my new classic country CD. We’re almost there need just a little bit more help so if you’re still interested getting my new album now is the time. The Kickstarter website will close at 8 AM Thursday, November 30. Don’t forget, 1K donation will get you a Bill Hearne Trio, HOUSE CONCERT. A couple of those donations, would wrap things and make our goal. If you like traditional country Music, you’ll love this album. I’ll be up with Don Richmond, at Howlin’ Dog Records and studio, Tomorrow and Thursday to do more work on the project. To those of you who have supported this project so far, my heartfelt thanks to all of you. Again, it’s all or nothing with this type of project. And 8:00 AM Thursday morning the website for the kick starter shuts down. Take care and will see everybody real soon, thanks as always for your support. Happy holidays to all.
Sincerely Bill
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