Howdy! Folks, Thanks to all who. Attended our Tavern On Main and Black’s BBQ shows, last night and this afternoon. Both show were great and well Supported. Wanted to mention again that our Gruene All show tomorrow is from 12 noon to 3:30, not the later show. It is now corrected on on website. Michal Hearne will be will be joining me again for the show, and doing some of his great tunes as well as joking Zeke and I. Don’t forget to check out my new CD project Kickstarter. We’ve got about 36 Days to reach our goal to support this new honky-tonk,”real country music”. I thin we’re around 20% so date and counting. This an all or nothing 30 day project. My deepest to all who have supported this effort so far. If you want pre-order or support this new CD, go to or www.howlindogrecords. Com. Take care, we hope to see you soon, maybe tomorrow, next week or back in New Mexico.
Sincerely Bill BOOKING: 505-690-2514 Or email above.
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