Mon/Tue-La Fiesta Lounge @ La Fonda Hotel, Santa Fe, 7:30/10:45PM, trio

Wed/Thur/Fri-working on new CD project with Don Richmond at Howlin’ Dog Studios,

Sat-Swallow Hill Music Soc., Denver, CO, w/Michael Hearne, Don Richmond, Dakota Blonde, Richard Dean, Gordon Burt (Chuck’s long time violinist) and others. Tribute/fundraiser for Chuck Pyle scholarship fund to Kerrville Folk Festival Songwriter School, 7PM, $25 donation. This will be a heckuva show.

Sun-Avogadro’s Number Pub, Ft Collins, CO, 4PM, for same purpose, $25, Michael, Don, myself, Kelley McWie, Jeff Trexel, Gordon Burt, song swap and tribute to Chuck.

Mon/Tue-back in Howlin’ Dog Studio, more recording. NO TRIO SHOWS @ LA FIESTA LOUNGE @ LA FONDA, THIS WEEK. Back on 10/16/17 as usual.

Howdy! Folks,
Quiet week this last week, a little busier this week for sure. After our regular La Fonda dates this week, I’m heading up to Alamosa, CO, to continue work on my new “traditional country”, some say classic country, recording project. Again, I’m working with my dear friend Don Richmond at Howlin’ Dog Studios. This will be my fifth project with Don, including the Bill & Bonnie Celebration album from the La Fonda Hotel, in 2002. You might ask why I’m going 280Mi, round trip, to record. The answer is, it’s the best studio for vibes, and recording heartfelt music, that I have ever found. I will say that Jack’s Tracs in Nashville with Jim Rooney, is a close second. It’s a long way to Nashville, and the studio is very different these days. Don has created, in opinion, the best studio for Americana music in the world. It is worth every mile, and now, there are accommodations available in an artist residence, built by Don’s partner in Howlin’ Dog Records, 5min away. Helluva set-up for a solo or, small band. Alamsosa is a “cool” place, spiritually, and literally, with great restaurants, small town vibes, and small state college. We’ll be starting a pre-order crowd funding project, much as we did with the Hearne Family, next month, possibly later this month. Boy, I can’t tell you how excited I am about doing another batch of “real country” music. As always, I’m staying with the “back 40” on this album. You won’t hear Your Cheatin’ Heart, or Act Naturally. I always find some gems, that few have recorded, and never made the radio in their day.
We’re experimenting with a little for kitty for Bonnie, Anna is her name. Not sure if it’s going to work out, we’ll no in another week, after I leave for Colorado. Bonnie continues with another round of PT with her left shoulder, which received a full replacement about two months ago.
Also very excited and honored to invited to my dear, the late Chuck Pyle’s tributes on 10/7/8. Chuck was a mainstay at Swallow Hill Music, and also palyed a couple of times a year at Avogadro’s Number’s special music room. Both shows are to raise funds for young writers who need financial assistance attending the songwriter school each year at the Kerrville Folk Festival, where Chuck was a “house whole word” so to speak. If you’re In Colorado, are know folks in Colorado, who love Chuck’s music, these are both going to be great events. Check out bothe venues websites for more info.
As stated, the trio will not be at the La Fiesta Loung on 10/9/10, but will be back as usual on 10/16/17. Stay well, and look forward to seeing you soon. BTW, our Texas dates are up on the website, It’s coming up soon, starting 11/3/17.


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